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Conditions Of Use

With the co-branding guidelines, the VDA is providing exhibitors and the media with the IAA logo and slogan for use in preparing for, supporting, and following up their event appearance or their trade fair reporting in print and online media and also in moving images. The various formats can be downloaded free of charge at Other formats are available from the VDA upon request, subject to a fee (

The IAA logo is protected as a brand by copyright. The VDA exclusively grants exhibitors at the IAA and the press the right to use the IAA logo and slogan in the formats provided and with no modifications being made to their design or technical specifications, solely for the above-mentioned purposes in print and online media and in moving images. No usage above and beyond these purposes is permissible, in particular any content or graphics modification, alienation, or supplementation of the original formats, for example with the addition of a hall and booth number, rewording of the slogan, or retouching of the graphics elements, etc. The recreation of logo formats is likewise not permitted.

Please note that misrepresentative references to the VDA’s official IAA appearances (e.g. IAA website, IAA app, IAA publications, and all IAA social media appearances) are prohibited by competition law.