Ofer Ben-Noon

Co-Founder & CEO
Argus Cyber Security


Ofer Ben-Noon is co-founder and CEO of Argus Cyber Security. Seeking to leverage the unique technical skills of the founders and create a company that positively contributed to the world, Ofer co-founded Argus in 2013 to protect connected vehicles against cyber attacks. Serving as a Captain in the Israel Defense Forces’ esteemed cyber intelligence unit 8200, Ofer gained over a decade of cyber security experience and took part in two Israel Defense Prize winning projects. He was recognized by Forbes as one of Israel’s “Top 30 under 30” and was chosen by Wired Magazine for its short list of exciting individuals and groups bringing about the next wave of digital security.

„Argus is thrilled to take part in IAA and share our latest automotive cyber security insights with some of the biggest decision makers in the industry.“

Ofer Ben-Noon

Co-Founder & CEO, Argus