Suhas Patel

Tvarit - AI Software for Manufacturing


Suhas is a co-founder and CEO at Tvarit GmbH. Suhas has 15+ years of experience in managing manufacturing plants as well as R&D into low power communication devices in companies like Qualcomm and Intel. At Tvarit, Suhas has the vision to bring Industrial AI closer to manufacturing with fast deployment and persistent prediction accuracy. Tvarit Industrial AI software with 22+ algorithms, developed by its in-house team of experts guarantees up to 97.2% accuracy in failure prediction with 2.7x reduced delivery time thereby leading to a 13% increased efficiency. Besides successful investor in 18 startups, Suhas is a former President of TiE Deutschland e.V. and a well-known speaker at various entrepreneurship and renewable energy conferences.

„I am excited to be part of melting pot of AI technology and automotive for process and resources optimization.“

Suhas Patel

CEO Tvarit GmbH