Mauro Mariani

Founder & CEO


Mauro Mariani is an entrepreneur passionate about new technologies and intelligent mobility. He founded Oply International (formerly ExaMotive S.A.) in 2016 with the vision that the way vehicles are used is about to change fundamentally. In 2018, the company launched Oply, an innovative urban mobility solution in various European markets. Prior to Oply, Mauro co-founded CiteeCar in 2011. Between 2000 and 2011 he was an investor with venture capital firm Mangrove Capital Partners. He started his career as an IT consultant and R&D software engineer. Mauro is fluent in 5 languages and graduated in computer science from Nancy University, France.

„You will never own a car again. Let's discover why and how!“

Mauro Mariani

Founder & CEO, Oply