Klaus Bischoff


Klaus Bischoff (born 13 December 1961 in Hamburg) is an automotive designer and Executive Director of Volkswagen Design. Since 2007, he has been responsible for global design for the Volkswagen brand.

In 2000 he took over management of interior design in Wolfsburg, and from 2002 management of exterior design. The first up!, as well as studies such as the Concept R and the Bluesport Roadster were developed under his responsibility.

As head of complete vehicle design, Klaus Bischoff was responsible for implementing all vehicle designs from 2004, and as head of the design studio in Wolfsburg, for all design drafts from 2006.

As Executive Director of Volkswagen Design, Bischoff has led a team of over 400 designers in Wolfsburg, Shanghai, São Paulo and Mexico City since 2007.

Milestones in his career include the Golf VI and Golf VII, the Touareg, Tiguan and T-Roc SUV series and the vehicles in the upcoming I.D. family.

„Emotional by design – The aesthetics of e-mobility. The new rules for automotive design in a new age of mobility.“

Klaus Bischoff

Executive Director, Volkswagen Design