Espen Hauge

AVERE - the European Association for Electromobility


Espen Hauge is the President of the World Electric Vehicle Association and of AVERE - the European Association for Electromobility, and also President of the Norwegian Electric Vehicle Association. He has been engaged on the EV scene for 15 years. Under his leadership the Norwegian Association has grown exponentially, AVERE has celebrated successful international events like EVS30 in Stuttgart 2017, EVS32 in Lyon 2019, AEC2018 in Brussels, and WEVA has launched the World Electric Vehicle Journal - the first scientific journal for electric vehicles. His career includes project management, engineering, R&D, and management in the energy industry, in construction, working for global companies such as ABB and GE, as well as for the city of Oslo.

„The Electric revolution is full of opportunities!“

Espen Hauge

President, AVERE