Clover Hogan

Senior Strategist
JUV Consulting


Clover Hogan is a 20-year-old climate activist, youth spokesperson, and the founder of Force of Nature. After graduating from the Green School in Indonesia, she worked in Silicon Valley with Impossible Foods founder Pat O’Brown to develop national youth strategy, led international marketing campaigns for Leaders’ Quest in London, and consulted big business at Volans alongside John Elkington, global authority on corporate social responsibility. This year, she launched FoN to research the psychology of agency and develop a formula to mobilise mindsets. She is also a London-based senior strategist at JUV Consulting, where she serves as a spokesperson and advises clients on impact.

„I'm excited to dive deep into the future of mobility, while bringing a youth perspective to the conversation; when we bring together the energy of youth with the knowledge of experience, we can make magic happen :)“

Clover Hogan

Senior Strategist, JUV Consulting