IAA Conference 2019 – Themes

Oct 31, 2018

Next September, we’re excited to be back in Frankfurt for the 68th annual IAA Conference. Join us next year as we show you the latest trends in cars and mobility, and dive deep into the following topics.


From computers to cars, our world is quickly becoming automatic. At the IAA Conference, we will discuss the future of automization and digital intelligence.


  •  ADAS & Automated Driving
  •  AI
  •  Big Data & Data Analytics
  •  Sensor Technology & Fusion
  •  Real-Time Mapping, Prediction & Road Safety


In an effort to better digitize infrastructure, connectivity in urban areas has become an important concept. We will be looking at the growing use of connectivity as a whole, as well as in terms of specific areas.


  •  ITS Intelligent Transport Systems
  •  IoT, Infrastructure, 5G
  •  Data & Transmission Standards
  •  Cloud & Edge Computing
  •  UX, UI, VR, Gesture Control; Infotainment/Entertainment; Design

Clean Power & Motor

More and more car companies are focused on developing electric vehicles that use clean power. Electric mobility will be a huge topic at next year’s conference, as there’s a quickly growing need for cleaner energy, especially amongst modes of transportation. 


  •  Electric & Alternative Power Trains
  •  BEV vs FCEV, Supercapacitors, Future Storage Technologies
  •  Charging (Modes & Standards), Infrastructure
  •  Electric Mobility as a part of Future Energy Solutions

Smart City

While it seems like an idea straight out of a science fiction movie, smart cities are a real solution to improving quality of life in many urban areas. Smart cities are meant to drive economic growth, improve quality of life and increase operational efficiency by using information and communication technologies. Two topics that we will discuss at the conference, urban mobility and smart infrastructure, play a huge role in that.


  •  Smart City Operating Systems for Future Urban Mobility
  •  Integrated Public/Private Transport Systems
  •  Smart Cities, Urban Infrastructure & New Urban Vehicle Concepts
  •  Urban Logistics & Last Mile
  •  Beyond Transit Data: Sensors & Data in the Urban Environment
Smart city bikes
Smart city bikes


Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) is the idea of shifting away from privately-owned modes of transportation and moving towards mobility solutions that can be consumed as a service. Creating unified mobility services will allow consumers to pay for all forms of transportation with a single account, providing all citizens with access to even the basic forms of public transport.


  •  Mobility Service Providers
  •  Intermodal Mobility Platforms & Unified Ticketing Providers
  •  Bike, Scooter & other Light Vehicle-Sharing Services
  •  Car & Ride-Sharing, On-Demand Shuttle ^ Taxi Services
  •  Fleet Management

Advanced Materials & Manufacturing

Innovators everywhere are developing new materials that can be used to improve everything from medical tools to infrastructure. The creation and use of advanced materials will play a crucial role in the energy industry, as scientists work to create innovative, efficient and safe solutions for the future. 


  •  Advanced Materials
  •  Additive Manufacturing
  •  Digital Products, Data Privacy, Data Safety & Security
  •  IoT in Manufacturing

New Market

Any business entering the digital world needs to be aware of the constantly changing digitized business models. With the development and introduction of seemingly endless technologies, it’s important for business leaders to understand the changes that are being made to traditional business models every day. 


  •  Business Models Catering to Millennial Consumers
  •  Intangible Products, Digital Services & the Future of Brands
  •  Marketing in the Age of the Digital tribes
  •  Designing the Exterior, Interior
  •  Nudging: How to Marry What Societies Want & Consumers Choose

Global Order

Similar to understanding the changes in business models, it’s also crucial to be aware of what’s happening on a global level. From global trade to the Age of Autocracy, next year’s IAA will go in-depth on the importance of the global order.


  •  International Trade: The Future of Doing Business Globally
  •  What Emerging Markets Offer: Unlocking Potential & Progress
  •  Business in the Age of Autocracy: How to Square Ethics & Profits
  •  New World Order: How Cities Rule the Globe
  •  Conflict Materials & Sustainable Sourcing

Regulatory Policy in Germany and the EU

Having already looked at new CO2 regulations in the EU at the NMW 18 for commercial vehicles, we will dive deeper into the regulations in Germany and the EU, and how these are impacting the way forward to a greener future. 


  •  Ecology and economy: What is a modern industrial policy?
  •  CO2 Regulations
  •  Air pollution

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Photos courtesy of Zbynek BurivalVidar Nordli-Mathisen and VizAforMemories … on Unsplash