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IAA Conference 2019 – Formats

Nov 14, 2018

Join us in Frankfurt at next year’s IAA Conference! From Fireside Chats to Open Fishbowls, present your innovations, discuss your ideas and show off your expertise. Take your pick from the multitude of events listed below and host your own:

Great Auditorium

The stage for the truly big names and the start of the show. Present your company or innovation by hosting one of the following events at the Great Auditorium:

Keynote:Frames the central theme at hand for the following session (or sessions) of that day. Ideally, it contains a seminal thought. It’s no longer than 15 minutes, typically introduced at the start of a conference or session.

Fireside Chat: Great format to have a more interactive conversation with a keynote speaker. You can hire a comfy chair, put them on a stage and then ask all the questions you and your audience want to know. 

Panel: A perennial favorite at conferences. Gather a few experts, throw in a moderator and a series of questions on their topic of expertise. 

Main Stage

The place to present and discuss great topics. Host one of the following events at the Main Stage and discuss new innovations with the audience: 

Lightning Talk: Gives speakers a limited amount of time to give their presentation – no more than 10 minutes. They may or may not include slides, and the time is strictly controlled. 

Pitches: The format is normally a rapid fire session of startups or speakers pitching to the audience, or a panel of experts, usually to win a prize. 

Awards: Awards, especially those in cooperation with media outlets, give room for forerunners and newcomers to gain the spotlight alike

You can also host various Keynotes, Fireside Chats and Panels at the Main Stage.

Debate Forum

This forum is the ideal location for all kinds of debates and interactive formats. Host one of these events at the Debate Forum, where you can interact and learn from the audience:

Oxford Debate: This format takes a central, provoking questions and has two speakers debate for and against. At the outset, the participants are polled to measure their opinion on the topic. Following the debate, they are polled again. The speaker who caused the most changed votes, wins. 

Speakers’ Quiz: Quiz teams of speakers, to see how well they understand the audience. The quiz is prefaced by an audience poll where they vote on answers to a selection of questions. Next, the speakers are asked to guess the top answers. It’s a novel way to deliver poll results. 

Q&A Campfire: These begin like a traditional presentation. A speaker presents an idea for 15 minutes. Thereafter, the focus shifts to the audience. The presenter becomes a facilitator to the audience. This way, attendees drive their own learning and share experiences with others. 

Open Fishbowl: In a fishbowl, just 3-6 people talk at any one time. The speakers are seated in the center of the room with a silent audience sitting around them. One chair is open to participants for questions/comments. Although largely self-organized, fishbowls usually have a moderator. 

Speakers’ Corner

The Speakers’ Corner is the place for specialists to disseminate their wisdom. Impart your wisdom upon others through the following events:

Master Classes: Pay attention at the back and sit up straight! It’s not like being back at school; these are typically events where knowledge and knowhow are being shared with small groups, where learning is the desired outcome. 

You can also host various Lightning Talks, Panels and Pitches at the Speakers’ Corner.

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