Audi flying car concept

Best of the Week – CW 48

Nov 30, 2018

Here’s a short summary of what happened in the world of mobility, logistics & transportation this week:

MIT-engineers Develop Ion-Propulsion

Have MIT-engineers redesigned the future of aircraft? Their newly developed “ionic wind” propulsion system is the first one in history which does not need any moving parts to drive the airplane. Their inspiration: Star Trek.

A Motorbike to Go

BigRep developed one special motorbike. With its cutting-edge technology, the German company printed (yes, you read correctly) the world’s first fully functional 3D-printed motorbike. And it’s electric.

A New Electric Vehicle

Are cars driven by electricity too expensive to be adopted by the masses anytime soon? Biomega, a bicycle brand from Denmark, begs to differ. They presented their light and cheap electric car, optimised for city dwellers.

Audi, Airbus, and Italdesign Present Flying Taxi

Audi, Airbus, and Italdesign presented and tested their version of a flying taxi for one. The idea: A drone-car hybrid which can be used on the roads just like a normal car or fly the distance if needed.

A New Regulatory Framework for Autonomous Cars

The European Union is taking a step into the future. The commission introduced a new regulatory framework which tackles the communication of autonomous cars between the member states and with coordinating institutions.

Image Source: Audi