(SAE Level 4/5) s class

Best of the Week – CW 46

Nov 16, 2018

Here’s a short summary of what happened in the world of mobility, logistics & transportation this week:

Lime expands its service

Yet another story about electric scooters? Well, not entirely. Because Lime is soon going to be about more than scooters. The company is about to expand to include its first carsharing service in Seattle: The LimePod.

Competition for Asian manufacturers of battery cells

Asia is the trailblazer in the manufacturing of battery cells – Car manufacturers from all around the world have teamed up with Asian companies to produce battery packs for their cars. This is a development that hasn’t gone unnoticed by German politicians. Now, the German government has announced a new €1 billion investment in the local battery cell industry.

Electric aircrafts over New Zealand?

Electricity hasn’t exactly been considered as the number one alternative powertrain for aviation, even though the queue at any Ryanair flight make it clear that emissions by the increasing volume of aircraft in the skies need to be severely reduced. Air New Zealand is now investigating electric engines as potential propulsion methods for their planes.

Waymo plans to start driverless car service next month

Waymo may still be keeping the news under wraps, but according to Bloomberg, the Alphabet subsidiary is set to start the world’s first autonomous commercial car service in early December.

Autonomous ride-hailing in San Jose

It’s not just Waymo wanting to launch its autonomous car service soon: Daimler and Bosch are teaming up to do the same in San Jose. The vehicles match automation levels four and five criteria and will start to roll on San Jose’s streets in the second half of 2019.

Image Source: Daimler

Hero image source: San José targeted to become the pilot city for an automated on- demand ride-hailing service: From the second half of 2019, Daimler and Bosch are planning to offer selected customers an app-based highly and fully automated driving (SAE Level 4/5) on-demand ride-hailing service in Mercedes-Benz S-Classes.