Best of the Week – CW 50

Dec 14, 2018

Here’s a short summary of what happened in the world of mobility, logistics & transportation this week:

Fresh Money for German Mobility Startups

$132 million for startups focusing on “mobility operations” and $91 million for software-startups: These sums were invested by Germany’s major three automotive manufacturers in mobility startups in 2017 alone, without including the companie’s own venture capital funds.

New Details About The Tragic Accident Including One of Uber’s Self-Driving Vehicles in March

Techcrunch reports that safety concerns regarding Uber’s self-driving vehicles were raised by a manager at Uber’s self-driving unit a week prior to the fatal accident in March. In specific, the manager warned Uber about improperly trained backup-drivers and frequent accidents resulting in damage.  

A New Foundation to Develop Autonomous Vehicles

Several international technology companies joined forces and started the Autoware foundation: A non-profit organization with the goal to fuel the development of AVs by supporting open source projects.

A New Use-Case Every Day: Rinspeed Shows Multimodular Chassis

Rinspeed developed a chassis with different modules that can be swapped for various use-cases: For example, it can be used as a delivery vehicle and easily be transformed into an on-demand transportation solution.. A multifunctional chassis as the solution for the last mile?

Ridesharing Vehicles as Advertising Platforms?

U.S. AdTech Startup Firefly has officially launched with the idea of equipping ridesharing vehicles with digital smart screens. Their goal: Targeted and geofenced campaigns while the vehicles roll through the streets of major metropolises.

Hero Image Source: Rinspeed