2018 Cadillac Super Cruise

Best of the Week – CW 42

Oct 19, 2018

Here’s a short summary of what happened in the world of mobility, logistics & transportation this week:

U.S. to Rewrite Safety Rules

Say goodbye to your steering wheel! The U.S. Department of Transportation has just released a plan that will rewrite safety rules and open the floodgates for self-driving cars. This change in rules will make it easier for companies like Waymo and General Motors to release thousands of automated vehicles onto public roads.

A Competition in Safety

In their first-ever ranking of partially automated driving systems, Consumer Reports finds that Cadillac’s Super Cruise scored above the rest. The cars were rated on various factors, including how well the technology works, as well as how well it keeps track of the driver’s engagement and how it reacts if the driver doesn’t respond to its warnings.

A Deal On-Demand

Microsoft invest in Grab, a ride-hailing and on-demand services company. With this agreement, the two companies will bring both artificial intelligence and big data to on-demand services.

A Smart Investment

The second-biggest Tesla shareholder, Baillie Gifford & Co. has shown interest in electric vehicle maker, Nio, who aim to be the ‘Tesla of China.’ This deal pushed shares of Nio up to $7.39 in one morning, and continued to climb seven percent and more hours after the deal was made.

Where AV & VR Collide

Using a virtual test track, Waymo’s autonomous vehicles drive 10 million miles a day. This virtual world allows Waymo to test out situations that are too dangerous to try in reality, increasing their efforts to show that their cars are safe.

Image Source: Cadillac