Best of the Week – CW 3

Jan 18, 2019

Here’s a short summary of what happened in the world of mobility, logistics & transportation this week:

SpaceX is About to Cut a Significant Amount of Jobs

Let’s start with the bad news: 2018 was a pretty good year for SpaceX with successful rocket launches and an additional $500 million in funding on the horizon. But  2019 seems to be starting off on a bad note. Despite the recent successes, Elon Musk’s company is apparently about to lay off 10% of its total workforce.

Lime Needs to Recall its Scooters in Switzerland

Scooter-news was all over the place in 2018. With millions raised in various funding rounds, cities were eager to have shared scooters on their streets – most notably, Lime jumped from success to success. But now Lime’s scooters in Switzerland are causing troubles: After a series of accidents due to broken scooters, Lime needed to recall all vehicles on Switzerland’s streets.

Charge Your Electric Car as Quickly as with the Fuel Dispenser

One reason electric mobility hasn’t skyrocketed yet: The long waiting time to charge your car. Even with modern superchargers it takes you about 20 to 30 minutes. This might end soon, as GBatteries announced a charging system for electric cars which is as quick as the fuel dispenser for cars with combustion engines.

Uber announces “clean air fee” for its drivers in London

Uber will add 15 pence per mile to its fair in London. Why? The company wants to help their drivers to upgrade to electric cars with the goal of having all cars on the app fully electric in England’s capital within the next six years.

The Last Bit: Retro is Electric

Classic, retro – and electric. Electric cars aren’t new. More and more companies are electrifying their fleets and designing electric models. But that’s nothing compared to a classic oldtimer driven by an electric engine, right? Vintage and sustainable.

Photo by Rafaela Biazi on Unsplash