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Women in Mobility: Meet Olivia Köhler

Jul 12, 2019

Olivia Köhler works at Siemens Mobility in the area of Intelligent Traffic Systems. Having started her career at Siemens as a working student, she now is a Product Manager for innovation concerning central systems and traffic lights.

Olivia Köhler completed her Bachelors and Masters degrees in Environmental Engineering at the TU Munich. Whilst still at university, Olivia worked at Stadtwerke München as a working student and eventually ended up in a similar position at Siemens. After finishing her degree, she became Product Manager in Intelligent Traffic Systems at Siemens. 

Siemens Mobility is focused on developing efficient traffic solutions. Building on years of experience in the transport and IT sector, Siemens has the experience to find mobility solutions, improve availability of infrastructure, optimise track utilisation, and create new travelling qualities. To continously improve the mobility services and products, Siemens is working on electricifying, automating, and digitising infrastructure.


Five quick questions for Olivia Köhler

Why are you a member of Women in Mobility?
Today, but also during my studies, nearly all of my colleagues are men. This is why I wanted to become part of this initiative which empowers women in mobility. I think it is a great chance to get in touch with other women from the mobility industry and learn from women in leading roles.

What fascinates you about mobility?
The mobility sector is – as the word already implies – a very dynamic and moving area. Topics such as connected mobility and autonomous driving will strongly change our future. It fascinates me to be part of this evolution and actively shape this future.

Why do we need more women in the mobility industry?
This does not only apply to the mobility industry – we need more women in every industry sector where currently the male world dominates.

Which career advice would you give your 20 year old self?
Be more self-confident and do not overthink everything. It’s going to be different than you think anyway.

Which Woman in Mobility inspires you?
Honestly, I don’t have a role model or idol.


Thank you to Olivia Köhler for taking the time to answer our questions!