The Future of Transport – Electromobility

A guest article on the future of electromobility by the team at AVERE, the European Association for Electromobility.

Climate change is the greatest threat to the global environment that we have ever experienced, and we must act today to prevent very dire consequences for us all. We must do more to reduce CO2 emissions today. One of the greatest sources of this pollutant is transport – we need to move towards a zero-emission mobility system or we will not be able to act in time.

It is important to realise that we have the technology to do so in a short time and on a mass scale: electromobility. Electric vehicles do not produce emissions. They also have almost no impact on our life conditions, as they emit very little small particles and don’t cause acoustic pollution. 

This technology has been getting better and better at an incredibly fast pace in the last few years: the life cycle assessment of the vehicles is now extremely positive, mainly due to the electric motor efficiency, and is further continuously improved by renewables taking over the production of power. 

In fact, electromobility and renewable sources of energy is a match made in heaven: the increase use of renewables makes EVs even more sustainable than they naturally are, increasing even more their positive impact. This, coupled with a flourishing network of charging infrastructure whose technology is also improving extremely quickly, makes electromobility the main transport technology of the future. The best example is Norway, where it is already becoming the main transport technology today.

We now must work to prepare the ground so that the transition from fossil fuel transport to electromobility can happen quickly and smoothly. For this we need collaboration - the key element to unlock opportunities in electric transport. Not just between automotive manufacturers, IT firms, power companies, and electric grid managers, but also among industry, academia, policymakers, and end users. 

This is where AVERE, the European association that promotes electromobility and sustainable transport across Europe, is uniquely positioned and experienced.
AVERE is the only European association representing and advocating for electromobility on behalf of industry, academia, and EV users at both EU and national levels. On top of advocacy, AVERE provides its members with a unique forum for exchanging knowledge, experience, and ideas on how to stimulate electromobility throughout Europe.

These two aspects go hand-in-hand and support each other. They allow AVERE to be a reliable partner vis-à-vis policymakers and an important player in the implementation of innovative ideas. 

A good example of its influence and impact are its crown jewel events: EVS (Electric Vehicles Symposium) and AEC (AVERE E-Mobility Conference). 

EVS is the leading international event to address all electromobility issues. It has now been taking place now for fifty years with the latest edition, EVS32, taking place in Lyon in May 2019 counting more than 7.000 visitors during its four days of activity. Companies from across the entire electromobility value chain showcased their state-of-the-art technological innovations, and hundreds of academic experts presented the latest research. The next edition in Europe, EVS35, will take place in 2022 in Oslo.

AEC is the EV European conference about sharing knowledge, best-case scenarios, and a range of experience between academia, industry and the public sector to accelerate progress for the electrification of transport in Europe. It takes place every year, with the next edition, AEC2020, taking place in Brussels in October 2020. 

AVERE at the IAA

Espen Hauge, President of AVERE, will be speaking on September 12 at 11.20 AM as part of the Extinction of the petrol heads? session.



AVERE is working tirelessly to ensure all actors in the electromobility value chain cooperate to make the mass deployment of this technology a reality in very near future. If you want to know more or you think joining the organisation would provide you with great advantages, you can find out more on our website.