How to insure the future of mobility?

The world around us is changing rapidly. Global megatrends such as digitalisation, sharing economy, urbanisation and increased environmental awareness are putting pressure on the automotive industry and are fundamentally changing the world of mobility. New players are pushing into the market and new technologies are forcing existing business models to adapt. This applies to insurers as much as it does to automotive manufacturers. Conventional insurance products alone are no longer sufficient; comprehensive insurance and service solutions are needed instead.

A holistic partner for the automotive industry

Allianz Automotive is a strategic partner of the automotive industry, managing partnerships with over 40 car brands in over 30 countries around the globe. Supporting OEM and mobility partners at all stages of the value chain, from the development of new car models and the distribution of insurance and service products in car dealerships to after-sales consultancy, is key for Allianz Automotive. Products range from motor insurance with liability and own damage cover, to extended warranty and Guarantee Asset Protection/Payment Protection insurance, as well as  innovative products such as telematics insurance or minute-based billing for fleet models.

Worldwide solutions are implemented by using local expertise. That is what OEM partners and mobility providers expect from their insurance partner. The ability to offer regional and global products and services has proven to be a key success factor for Allianz Automotive in times of ever increasing globalisation of the industry as well as the consumer world.

Enabler of future mobility

Connected cars, autonomous driving, carsharing and e-mobility are fundamentally transforming the mobility ecosystem. Insurers need to rethink their current business models and develop innovative solutions for the mobility of tomorrow. Allianz Automotive therefore founded the “Automotive Innovation Center” in 2014 and supports the transformation by adapting to the changing business environments and developing innovative solutions along the CASE trends: Whether customers use their own car, share cars with others or use various forms of transport, Allianz Automotive is on hand to support them with the appropriate insurance cover as well as service solutions. As a result of new forms of mobility, new players are entering the market, ranging from startups to international mobility providers in association with the established manufacturers, and are calling for fast and innovative solutions. This is an area in which Allianz Automotive is pursuing an agile approach and continuously challenges and develops its business model together with its cooperation partners.

Allianz at the NMW 2017 in Frankfurt.

Kick-starting the discussion at the New Mobility World 2019

New Mobility World at IAA 2019 brings industry experts, innovators, OEMs and startups together and covers the relevant topics of the future of mobility: Automation, Connectivity, E-Mobility and Mobility as a Service. Allianz Automotive is already leading the way as the number one partner for the automotive and mobility industry, and will showcase their standing and ambition by once again partnering up with this year's New Mobility World. The event will be the perfect platform for inspiring discussions about the mobility of tomorrow. Stay tuned!

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