GREAT Exhibitors (Part 1)

Aug 30, 2019

Which British exhibitors will be joining the IAA in Hall 5 (D06) in Frankfurt at the UK pavilion? Meet the first five now and speak to them soon in person!


Founded in 2015, AMPLYFI has developed an advanced Machine Learning-based software platform capable of intelligently harvesting open source data from the internet and then curating, analysing, and visualising vast document corpora. The platform, DataVoyantTM, is already a game-changer in the sphere of business intelligence and professional services, informing organisations of global market trends, technology advances and emerging business disrupters to maintain their competitive advantage. It is a deep learning powered bridge between data scientists and business intelligence teams.

Some questions for Chris Ganje, CEO of AMPLYFI: 

How does your product contribute to changing/advancing the future of mobility?

The mobility sector is a highly connective industry and, today, is generating as much data as any other sector. Capitalising on all of this data is absolutely critical, as manufacturers, suppliers and innovators cope with major disruption driven by environmental issues, transformative technologies and changes in consumer habits and demands. Failure to spot a potential disruption or a gap in the market before a competitor could be catastrophic.

That’s where we come in. AMPLYFI’s suite of AI-driven business intelligence products is helping brands in the automotive sector tap into the largest data resource in the world: the internet. Our platforms harvest and analyse data from both the surface web and deep web to uncover previously unknown connections and emerging trends that will put automotive brands in the driving seat for both the short and long term future of their industry.

We’re also working closely with our clients across sectors such as finance and energy, to apply our world-leading deep web capabilities to proprietary company data and, in some cases, gold-standard industry data. In a sector as data-rich as the automotive and mobility industry, bringing all available resources together on our platforms provides our clients with a crucial edge over their rivals.

What are the greatest challenges that your company currently faces?

Artificial intelligence is the standout technological advancement changing the business world today. However, there is confusion among business leaders about how and where they should focus their energies when trying to tap into the benefits of AI.

Incredibly, a recent survey of European tech startups found that 40% of those who claimed to use AI weren’t in fact doing so at all. In a market where everyone claims to have AI expertise, you have to be able to demonstrate that what you’re doing is actually adding business value. 

At AMPLYFI, we’ve developed some of the most exciting applications of AI and machine learning in the world, enabling businesses to spot potential market disruption that, without our tools, would otherwise take weeks to achieve, or in many cases would not be possible to identify at all. We’re showing some of the world’s largest and most well-known organisations how AI can transform their business.

How important is international collaboration for your services / products?

International collaboration is hugely important for our business. AI innovation is a global phenomenon and we’re part of it: our workforce is made up of some of the most exciting and talented minds, drawn from across the world, working on projects that deliver results for a global customer base. We’ve been lucky enough to accompany the Department for International Trade and form connections across Europe, Asia and the US that are growing our business and accelerating the development of new products and services. The world is getting smaller and international collaboration is an absolute must for any ambitious business today.

AVID Technology

AVID Technology was established in 2008 as a spin out of the Comesys Europe’s Research and Development business. As a leader in the field of systems electrification and heavy-duty vehicle electrification and hybridisation, the core competency is in the design, validation, and manufacture of high integrity electronics and electric motors. As of 2018, AVID started a R&D project with Jaguar Land Rover to help design components for the powertrains of JLR’s upcoming electrified vehicles, and also a project with Caterpillar to develop a new battery storage system for electric machinery.

„As the demand for electrification is growing AVID has to grow and scale with it. Managing this growth whilst still maintaining the same level of service and quality that we want to provide our customers is something we are managing very closely.“

AVID Managing Director and Founder Ryan Maughan

Some questions for Managing Director and founder of AVID, Ryan Maughan: 

How does your product contribute to changing/advancing the future of mobility?

AVID has been pioneering the electrification of heavy-duty and high-performance vehicles since 2005. The company has worked extensively with vehicle manufacturers to help them to understand how powertrain electrification can help to improve the environmental impact of their products, meet ever-increasing legislation and deliver running cost benefits to the end-users. Our high-performance electrified components and systems form critical parts of the powertrains in the market and being developed by major global OEM's.

How important is international collaboration for your services/products?

Collaboration is very important for AVID; we have a number of collaborations with other Tier 1 suppliers where we are providing key technology to help enable a larger system or powertrain. We have undertaken many collaborative research programs with vehicle manufacturers to explore the opportunities and challenges of electrification in their applications.

We believe that by working in this way AVID has developed a reputation as being much more than just a component supplier, we aim to be a trusted partner for electrification helping our customers to develop solutions in this rapidly changing time in the automotive sector.


London EV Company Limited (formerly The London Taxi Corporation Limited trading as The London Taxi Company) is an automotive engineering company with its headquarters near Coventry, United Kingdom. Wholly owned subsidiary of Chinese automaker Geely. The company is famous for its London black taxicabs. After an investment of £250M by Geely, the company started the production of new LEVC TX electric taxi in 2017 and announced its intentions to begin production of electric commercial vehicles in addition to taxicabs.

Questions for the team at LEVC:

How does your product contribute to changing/advancing the future of mobility?

Urban environments are changing and transport is going green. In cities all over the world, emissions regulations are becoming stricter and the role of transport is changing with more and more new mobility solutions emerging. It is for this reason the traditional black cab has been transformed into a new electric icon. Already, LEVC has produced around 3,000 electric taxis with over 2,000 operating in the streets of London, so far our electric taxis have achieved great things and have helped reduce 6,800 tonnes of CO2 from entering the atmosphere and prevented over 850,000 Litres of fuel from being pumped. With that in mind, it’s no surprise that LEVC have also sold this modern icon to mobility solution companies operating outside the parameters of a ‘taxi’ service. In Germany for example, TX can be seen in ‘shuttle’ form – a product sharing the same DNA as TX but with modifications to suit the needs of the ‘shuttle market’ like removal of the ‘taxi’ sign. In addition to this, LEVC have recently announced a new light commercial van that will come to market in 2020, using much of the same technology as their electric taxi. This vehicle will satisfy the medium van market with a product designed for door to door distribution using zero emissions - to travel into Urban areas where low emission zone charges are in force.  

What are the greatest challenges that your company currently faces?

The Automotive Industry is undergoing a rapid transformation, with all mainstream manufacturers introducing electric components into their model line-up. One of the great challenges for the Industry as a whole is ensuring that there is infrastructure to support the sudden increase in Electric Vehicles. LEVC is working with local and national governments to ensure that there is infrastructure, funding and support for the uptake of our zero emission capable products.

How important is international collaboration for your services/products?

LEVC has already sold TX (electric taxi) into Germany, Norway and Netherlands, with many more EU markets planned for 2020 and have also produced a successful ‘shuttle’ variant of the TX that is operating as part of a new mobility solution in key EU markets like Germany.

In June 2019 LEVC announced a new Light Commercial Van based on the same technology as the electric taxi that will be sold into EU markets in 2021. To satisfy heightened global demand for both TX and LCV, LEVC have recently opened a new sales office in Frankfurt, Germany. LEVC’s vision is to be the leading European green commercial mobility solution provider.


Founded in 2009 and headquartered in London, EXEROS Technologies designs, builds and installs intelligent CCTV systems for commercial fleets, focusing on gathering HD video alongside accurate telematics data to improve overall fleet safety and drastically reduce operating costs. Advanced hardware includes ADAS technology, 360-degree cameras and proximity sensors with driver aided audio/visual alerts. 

„Exeros has a disruptive ground-breaking technology called SeeTrue. SeeTrue is a code-only algorithm that enables any camera to see through fog, mist, heavy rain, snow and other visual impairments including low light.“

Exeros CEO Jay Biring

Questions for the Exeros CEO, Jay Biring:

How does your product contribute to changing/advancing the future of mobility?

Exeros has a disruptive ground-breaking technology called SeeTrue. SeeTrue is a code-only algorithm that enables any camera to see through fog, mist, heavy rain, snow and other visual impairments including low light. With this algorithm we can alter the design path of automated driving systems to bypass technologies such as LIDAR and RADAR that change forward vehicle design on a substantial level. SeeTrue has the capability to advance vision-only self-driving systems and ADAS solutions beyond what was previously possible. As a company Exeros are pioneers of vehicle-based camera technologies and SeeTrue is testament to enhancing the future vision of automated driving solutions. 

What are the greatest challenges that your company currently faces?

Our major challenge is that Exeros is an SME now with a critical technology that will benefit vehicle OEM's and tier one self-driving system suppliers. We have been making headway with gaining exposure to OEM’s, but it can be hard to get heard and a bigger challenge to now steer system development of critical safety systems towards our vision. With SeeTrue being originally developed for the autonomous vehicle sector, we realise it has excellent potential for deployment in aviation, marine, medical and security industries. Our biggest challenge is gaining the exposure of its capabilities in the vehicle sector fast enough first so its benefits can be commercialised in those other sectors as quickly. We're keen to showcase proof of concept with OEM's and Tier One suppliers as soon as possible, confident that once seen, collaborators will very quickly advance their systems with the algorithms additional capabilities. 

How important is international collaboration for your services / products?

International collaboration is vital to the success and the implementation of SeeTrue as a truly global camera enhancement solution. We believe international collaboration will widen our presence globally and assist us to help change the self-driving system landscape and future capabilities for so many international automotive organisations and very quickly. 


The Reflexallen Group is an automotive Tier 1 supplier; a global player that offers a wide range of safety-critical components. A leading and innovative worldwide recognised group which since its origins considers quality, innovation and continuous improvements as the pillars of its mission. The group, established in 1988 in Modena (Italy) offers a products' portfolio organized in 5 different divisions: Pneumatic, Electrical, Fluid Power, Safety Devices and Special Composites.


Questions for the team at Reflexallen:

How does your product contribute to changing/advancing the future of mobility?

When electrical batteries discharge they produce a lot of heat. Our bespoke formed tube parts allow the dissipation of that heat, therefore enhancing the life of the vehicle.  These are products you only want to fit once, hence a quality led production team is essential.

What are the greatest challenges that your company currently faces?

Ensuring sufficient resilience in the supply chain that allows us to increase demand as the market for our parts continues to grow. 

How important is international collaboration for your services / products?

Very – In Europe alone, we have a manufacturing plant in North Wales, one in Italy and another in the Czech Republic. Clients want the highest quality, on time, every time. Its only though our global strength we can achieve this.

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