Where the future of mobility comes to life.

From September 14-17 2017, the New Mobility World (NMW) will bring together technology firms, the automobile industry, startups and industry to shape the future of mobility. NMW is the cross-industry B2B event for the future of mobility.

New Mobility World - Facts & Figures

Figures of New Mobility World 2015.

During the NMW15, visitors were able to experience the future of mobility for the first time such as cars that can park themselves or “automatically” avoid obstacles on the road. For this year's edition, we maintain this innovative spirit by exploring new technological areas.

Our Topics

NMW represents the broad diversity of the future of mobility. In addition to our five main topics, we will explore mobility’s newest horizons including real-time mapping, augmented reality or advanced materials.









Present, Discuss and Experience the Future of Mobility

With the formats HALL, FORUM, and PARCOURS, NMW17provides a clearly structured platform for presenting, discussing, and – last, but not least – experiencing the future of mobility.

Present your own corporate and branded worlds with your own booth in the HALL area.

Showcase your company and share your ideas as a conference partner or with your own event, you can showcase your company and themes in the FORUM.

Rent your own box in the PARCOURS demonstration area and use it as a space for customer contact and brand presentation.

In addition to becoming involved in these three event formats, you also have the opportunity to become part of the NMW17 through a sponsorship package or by devising your own activity. Get in touch with us to discuss individual solutions.


Contact & Download

New Mobility World is a registered trademark and an event of the IAA - International Motor Show. evenson GmbH is the official project office for New Mobility World on behalf of the German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA).

For more information about New Mobility World and reservation, please contact the New Mobility World team:

New Mobility World project office
+49 30 726 21 99 71