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Test these vehicles at IAA MOBILITY

The IAA 2021 with its completely new concept stands for low-threshold access to electric mobility, which is still new to many non-expert visitors, and other new drive technologies such as fuel cells. This is just as important as the exchange of opinions between top-class experts on the exhibition grounds.

You can test drive these vehicles

Download the IAA MOBILITY app now and book a test drive

Zero emissions. Lots of fun.

On a five-kilometer section, the route designed as an environmental lane may only be used by zero-emission vehicles or by road users with at least three occupants. The idea behind Germany's first pilot project of this kind: to reduce the volume of traffic on busy roads and encourage carpooling. And since IAA MOBILITY is also focusing on sustainability here, this section of the route will continue to exist in this way after the trade show.

So the ideas of the IAA will remain there. Even when it's already gone.

The wittiest trade show shuttle ever

In addition, bus companies and manufacturers will use their zero-emission models on the Blue Lane Road as official IAA shuttle buses. During the ride, experience stimulating live talks, lectures, concerts and immerse yourself in virtual reality worlds. You can get on or off at the Open Space on Arcisstrasse, Galeriestraße, Apothekenhof, Wittelsbacher Platz and Opera Garage at the National Theater.

Test E-Scooters & E-Bikes

The Blue Lane Underground

Want to commute quickly between Summit and your downtown open space or hotel, but don't want to drive yourself? Munich's Underground Line 2 will get you there. During IAA MOBILITY, the line between the trade fair grounds and Königsplatz will become the Blue Lane Underground with a higher frequency (?), allowing for optimal connections. Of course, the use of public transport is already included in the ticket price for visitors to the IAA.

Whether by e-bus, e-car, fuel cell car, e-scooter or e-bike: come to Munich. To drive.