Thomas Stellmach

Director and Founder


Thomas Stellmach is known as the founder of TSPA Making Cities, a planning firm focused on strategic urbanism, and as a planning expert for UN-Habitat. His focus of interest is sustainable urbanism in a changing world. Trained as an architect in Berlin and Barcelona, Thomas Stellmach has lived and worked in Rotterdam, Aleppo and Nairobi, and is now based in Berlin.   His planning work includes the strategic framework plan for the Metropole Ruhr and the recently awarded development plan for Berlin-Brandenburg 2070, as well as urban redevelopment and expansion projects in Baghdad and Moscow.   He has taught at the Berlage in Rotterdam, NL, the University for Science & Arts in Aleppo, Syria, and Riseba in Riga, and lectured at Tsinghua University in Beijing, Strelka in Moscow, UPC in Barcelona, and AUB in Beirut.   For the United Nations, he supports the Sustainable Urban Development Program and coordinated pilot projects in the Philippines, Rwanda, and Mozambique. He is currently working with UN-Habitat and the International Climate Initiative on solutions to improve urban resilience in the face of climate change.   In Berlin, he founded the housing cooperative ""urban coop berlin"" to demonstrate how affordable housing is possible in the context of the evolving housing crisis. In 2020, Thomas was appointed by Berlin's Governing Mayor, Michael Müller, as a member of the Strategy Advisory Board of the recently launched Smart City project.