Dr. Stefan A. Deutscher

Partner & Associate Director, Cybersecurity & IT Infrastructure
Boston Consulting Group GmbH


Stefan A. Deutscher is a core member of BCG's Technology Advantage and  Technology, Media & Telecommunications practices. He is BCG's global topic leader  for cybersecurity and IT risk management, as well as BCG's global topic leader for IT  infrastructure and data center operations, and he often supports his clients also at the  cross-roads of these two topics. Stefan works on these topics across industries since joining BCG in 2001 and serves clients on all continents, from insurance, banking, aerospace, media, industrial goods,  mining and chemical industries, to IT and telecommunications companies and public  sector organizations.  Since 2016, Stefan also serves as a Project Advisor to the World Economic Forum on  the topic of "Advancing Cyber Resilience". His work is focused on empowering boards  and executive teams with tools and practices to identify and manage business risks  emanating from cyber threats, on enabling public-private collaboration around cyber  resilience, and on the cyber resilience in heavily ecosystemed industries. Before joining BCG, Stefan spent nearly ten years building, operating, and advising  academic computing centers, while also teaching and conducting research in  computational atomic and surface physics, quantum chemistry, and high-performance  computing at several international research centers in the US, France, Spain, and  Austria. As a byproduct he speaks several languages. Areas of Expertise • Global topic leader for cybersecurity and IT risk management • Global topic leader for IT infrastructure and data center operations • Cloud computing • Value-driven IT management Honors and Awards • Certified Principal IT-CMF Professional, by the Innovation Value Institute • Accredited as Advanced Data Center Tier Specialist, by The Uptime Institute • Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), by the (ISC)2 Education • PhD, atomic physics, Free University of Berlin/University of Knoxville,  TN/Oakridge National Labs, TN Publications and Videos • Cyber Resilience in the Electricity Ecosystem (and other ecosystems):  Principles and Tools for Boards, February 2019 • Proactively Tackling IoT Security: Takeaways from Singapore International  Cyber Week 2018, October 2018 • Toward a Model for Public-Private Collaboration in Cybersecurity, BCG article,  February 2018 • Cyber Resilience: Playbook for Public-Private Collaboration, World Economic  Forum Report, January 2018 • Cybersecurity: A Human Problem Masquerading as a Technical Problem,  January 2018 • Building the Cyberresilient Health Care Organization, December 2017 • The Cybersecurity Assistance Local Governments Need: Cybersecurity in a  Fractured World, December 2017 • Develop a Cybersecurity Strategy as If Your Organization’s Existence Depends  on It, BCG article, October 2017 • It Takes a Coalition to Protect the Internet of Things, July 2017 • How Outsourcing Can Mitigate Cyberrisks in DevOps, July 2017 • Chapter in “The Cyber Risk Handbook: Creating and measuring cybersecurity  capabilities”, Wiley & Co, April 2017 • Advancing Cyber Resilience - Principles and Tools for Boards, World Economic  Forum Report, January 2017 • Building a Cyberresilient Organization, BCG article, January 2017 Why Should Boards Care About Cyberresilience? Because $445 Billion Is at  Stake, BCG interview, September 2016 • Capturing the Data Center Opportunity: How Sweden can Become a Global  Front-runner in Digital Infrastructure, BCG Report, January 2016 • Cybersecurity Meets IT Risk Management: A Corporate Immune and Defense  System, BCG article, September 2014 • The CIO’s Dilemma: Adapt or Fail, BCG article, March 2014 • 3D Printing Will Change the Game: Prepare for Impact, BCG article, September  2013 • IT-Enabled Business Agility: A Sports Analogy, BCG article, March 2012