Stan May

CEO, Director Gen3 Program
M-Cycle Industries, Inc.


As the Director Gen3 Program, Stan May is singularly responsible for all designs and physical implementation of the latest M-Cycle innovations, from inception to product. Stan is the 2nd generation of Maisotsenko Family, with life-long education and synergetic co-creation directly with Dr. Prof. Valeriy Maisotsenko, inventor of M-Cycle, author of 300+ patents, including newest, cutting-edge power generation and transport applications, and one of the most celebrated scientific minds.   Professionally, Stan May has unique blend the most advance theoretical knowledge, including company latest patents and know-how, combined with numerous professional licenses and certification, and decades of hand-on distribution, installation, and design of M-Cycle products, featuring clients like Jeppesen/A Boeing Company.   Combined 75+ years of knowledge and experience, allowed us to create newest, most advanced, and affordable M-Cycle technology to solve important global challenges- carbon emissions/pollution, waste heat recovery, and sustainable air conditioning alternative for transport, including electric vehicles.