Prof. Nikolaus Lang

Managing Director & Senior Partner
The Boston Consulting Group GmbH


Nikolaus Lang is a Managing Director and Senior Partner in BCG’s Munich office and has been working for the firm since 1998. He is the Founder and Director of BCG’s Center for Mobility Innovation, a team of urban mobility experts and digital business builders. This team advises cities, public transportation operators, and mobility and automotive companies around the globe on innovative and state-of-the-art mobility solutions. Nikolaus is an expert on such topics as smart cities, multimodal traffic management, mobility platforms, and connected and autonomous transport solutions. Nikolaus is also the Global Leader of BCG’s Global Advantage practice, supporting clients on an array of globalization-related topics. Nikolaus lived in Asia for ten years, and has worked in most of the world's emerging markets. Nikolaus has authored several publications offering insights on the future of mobility, including: • On-Demand Transit Can Unlock Urban Mobility • The Leaders in Urban Mobility Will be Regional, Not Global • In Building an Urban Mobility Platform, Cooperation Is Key • Seeking Perpetual Motion with Mobility as a Service • Co-author of the book "Beyond Great" • Solving the Mobility Challenge in Megacities • Can Self-Driving Cars Stop the Urban Mobility Meltdown? Nikolaus manages BCG’s collaboration with the World Economic Forum (WEF), which is dedicated to shaping the mobility of the future and, in particular, to how autonomous vehicles impact the world’s metropoles. He sits on the WEF’s Global Urban and Autonomous Mobility Council. Nikolaus is also Honorary Professor at the University of St. Gallen, with a focus on mobility and digital ecosystems.