Nancy Kabalt-Groot

Chair of Formula E Team


Nancy Kabalt-Groot is an ambitious human and customer oriented managing director with over twenty years of experience in energy sector.   She is currently working in the position of Chair of the Dutch Formula E Team (FET), in which the business community, knowledge institutions and government work together on E-mobility. In this role she represents a joint Dutch approach of public and private partners for stimulating, promoting and pursuing electric mobility. She shows that the transition to electric driving offers opportunities for innovation, green growth and economic productivity.   Nancy had been involved in the Dutch energy infrastructure since 1999, when she joined Nuon (now Vattenfall). She was part of the management team of the grid company. After the separation of production and distribution system companies in the Netherlands, she joined the DSO company named Alliander and was part of the board of directors. In 2013 she became CEO of Stedin, also a dutch DSO. Besides these roles she was also involved in the initiation of E-Laad, but also startups like The New Motion and Allego. All related to transition from fossil driving to electric driving. Nancy holds an MA in Communication Sciences from the University of Amsterdam.