Marie-Christine Esposito

Vice Office Manager of Road Safety and Operations
French Ministry of Transport


Marie-Christine Esposito has been working on C-ITS since 2013, with the involvement in the French project SCOOP. She was the project manager of the Paris region pilot site at DiRIF, the Ile-de-France public road operator, as coordinator of innovation. In 2016, she became the technical manager of the different C-ITS pre-deployment projects at the French Ministry of Transport, including SCOOP, C-Roads France, InterCor (French part) and InDiD. She's also chair of WG2, the technical working group of the C-Roads platform. At the French Ministry of Transport, she's also working on the different traffic management projects that public road operators implement to optimise traffic. Now, she is the interim coordinator of the different French C-ITS projects, and French C-ITS strategy.