Lothar Hänsler

CISSP Chief Operations Officer
RadarServices Smart IT-Security GmbH


My experience in Cyber Security is based on many years of pioneering work in an MNC with 10.000 employees. This experience gave me exposure to all aspects of Information security, from hardware, application development, cloud security, automation, data privacy, risk management, operational aspects of security, as well as OT/ITS/SCADA security. During those year I obtained numerous certifications, the most important one being the CISSP certification. Previous to my Cyber Security engagement, I held several senior management positions in IT in USA and Singapore and spent about a whole decade in international assignments. As COO of Radar Services I am in charge of the entire Service function of the company, managing the globally distributed Cyber Defence-Centers, Service Delivery and Service Architecture departments. as IT security officer for Rolls-Royce Power System AG, I have established the IT Security function, acted as the liaison to the Rolls-Royce head-office in UK and launched a corporate-wide global Cyber Transformation Security Program to account for the dynamically changing needs in the IT and OT environment in a rapidly digitizing industry. During those 6 years as an IT Security Officer I had also taken on a lead role in the global GDPR project of the organization.