John Couling

E-Media Business Group


As Senior Vice President, E-Media Business Group, John Couling is responsible for the expansion of Dolby® technology into the broadband and mobile Internet-delivered entertainment ecosystem, working to redefine the audio experience on connected and  mobile devices. John’s global team addresses a market in which more  than a billion products are sold each year, comprising multiscreen, over-the-top, and mobile content services and aggregators, the platforms and products that serve  them, and consumer devices, including game consoles, PCs, digital media adapters, mobile phones, and tablets. During his tenure, the E-Media Business Group has established partnerships with the world’s leading content aggregators and distributors, operating system  creators, and mobile-handset chip makers to integrate Dolby technology into their products. In his previous leadership roles at Dolby, John managed the global team responsible for technology platforms and products, as well as worldwide business development.  He initially joined Dolby in 1997 as an applications engineer working in the then-emerging DVD market; and he helped to secure Dolby technology in digital TV standards in Europe and Australia, as well as develop the Dolby Digital Cinema server presentation system. John holds a BS degree in astrophysics from the University of Bristol.