Jennifer Reinz-Zettler

Head of Mobility
Bayern Innovativ


My name is Jennifer Reinz-Zettler. I started working in the automotive business more than 20 years ago, first as a car saleswoman, where I was fascinated by the technology and aesthetics of the cars. Later, as an experienced Industrial Engineer, working for an international industry and automotive supplier in Shanghai, I was able to dive deep into automotive production, material flow and logistics in production plants across Asia. Later I discovered my passion for mobility at my job as Project Manager, as part of the Bavarian Cluster Automotive at Bayern Innovativ. Bayern Innovativ is knowledge manager, initiator and accelerator of innovations. Now I am Head of Mobility at Bayern Innovativ. In my department we are supporting different stakeholder of the mobility ecosystem on topics like connected mobility, car technology, E-Mobility Infrastructure. My focus is new technologies for mobility, new mobility concepts and smart mobility services, and the transfer of these ideas into the traditional automotive industry. I help companies transfer into the new age of smart mobility, to fight (and solve!) our current problems with transport, traffic and mobility. In addition to my work at Bayern Innovativ, I also teach a Masters course about mobility at the Landshut University of Applied Science and I am part of the Women in Mobility Initiative (WiM) and Coordinating together with 2 other women the WiM Hub in Nuremberg. And, on top of work and teaching, I’m working on a doctorate about the potential of micromobility devices (PLEV – Personal Light Electric Vehicle) at the Bauhaus University Weimar and Erfurt University of Applied Science.