Hans-Wilhelm Dünn

Cyber Sicherheitsrat Deutschland e.V.


SUMMARY  Hans-Wilhelm Dünn is a visionary, entrepreneur and politician who stands for stable, secure and sustainable system structures and networking between states, business, institutions, science and the various social systems in the digital world.    PERSONALITY  Internationally networked  Thin is very strongly networked with governments and their state organizations. His confidential network operates globally from the White House to the Kremlin and from Europe to Israel, Japan, Australia, China and into Arab as well as African states. He is therefore also called a networker and a citizen of the world.  Entrepreneur and politician  Dünn started a successful political career and additionally became an entrepreneur. In both fields, he is deeply connected to security, defense, critical infrastructure and international cooperation.  Knowledge, experience and skills  Dünn is a cybersecurity visionary. He knows how to combine his political vision of a stable and secure world with the requirements for economic growth in an entrepreneurial approach. He knows political systems and their complex structures. In doing so, he understands how to develop successful business models through his network and entrepreneurial knowledge as well as with the process sabler cybersecurity. He leads project teams in specialized hub structures on the topics of energy and healthcare. He passes on his experience in academic courses to students in various disciplines.  Media/Publications  Dünn is a contact for TV broadcasters and an author in newspapers, trade journals and scientific publications. He is also the editor of the book ""Cybersicherheit im Krankenhaus"" (Cybersecurity in Hospitals), a publication of the Medizinisch-Wissenschaftliche Verlagsgesellschaft, as well as the CSRD guide IT Security in SMEs.  LIFE STORY  Current  2021 Responsible curator of the Cyber Security Council Germany e.V. for cyber security in the context of IAA Mobility  2021 Lecturer in the master's degree program in criminalistics, Brandenburg Police College  2012 Vice President, Secretary General and President Cyber Security Council Germany e.V.  2012 Managing Partner Hans-Wilhelm Dünn Unternehmensberatung as well as participations in CyberSec start-ups  Formerly  2014-2019 Supervisory Board EVB-Klinikkonzern  2014-2019 Supervisory Board Lausitz Klinik Forst GmbH  2014-2018 Advisory Board Luftschiffhafen Potsdam GmbH  2011-2014 Supervisory Board Verkehrsbetrieb Potsdam GmbH  2010-2012 Managing Director GRW Networks Security and Safety made in BerlinBrandenburg  2009-2011 Supervisory Board Energie und Wasser Potsdam GmbH  2007-2009 Personal Assistant to the Brandenburg Minister of Economics and Deputy Minister President and Chairman of the Advisory Board of the Federal Network Agency  2000 Press and Information Center of the German Air Force  Politics  2008-2019 Deputy SVV State Capital Potsdam  2009-2013 State Chairman of the JU Brandenburg  Education  2007 Degree in Administrative Science at the University of Potsdam