Frank M. Rinderknecht

Rinspeed AG


Frank M. Rinderknecht (born 1955) is the founder and CEO of Rinspeed Inc. - based in Zumikon/Switzerland - which he has established in 1977 as young student at the ETH (Technical University of Zurich). While the import of sunroofs from the USA was his first business activity, Rinspeed soon became a pioneer and first mover in the then newly created tuning industry. In 1995 Rinspeed started to build proprietary prototypes and concept cars. The invention of the steering wheel with integrated controls for radio or other functions, sustainable powertrains and driver assistance systems are amongst noteworthy milestones in the company’s history. After having sold all tuning activities in 2008 to a German competitor, Frank’s activities are centered today on being a Think Tank of the automotive and other industries and create and promote concept vehicles, innovative technologies, materials and mobility means of tomorrow. Privately, Frank is passionate about spending his time on or at the sea, preferably in the Med.