Christoph Martini

Dipl.-Wirt.-Ing. (FH)
beratender Wirtschaftsingenieur / Business Coach


Christoph E. V. Martini, industrial engineer with majors in controlling and production management. Positions as group controller, assistant to the management, team leader or member of the management team. Started at Kässbohrer/Ulm (mainly investment controlling). Subsequently with mainly medium-sized companies with Subsidiaries in Germany and abroad as well as in a stock corporation. Implementation and design of corporate planning, profit and loss accounting, technical-economic/organizational projects, personnel, team, organizational and strategy development as well as business plans. Since the end of 2017, freelance with business consulting services. Focus on projects and tasks where interdisciplinary work (engagement), bringing technical, economic and social competence, know-how and experience is required. Vision and goal is to contribute to balanced management, empowerment, sustainability, increased performance and long-term success.