Dr. Christoph Grote

SVP Digital Car
BMW Group


Christoph has worked for the BMW Group in Munich since 1999. His responsibilities always  ventured between innovation and delivery. Currently he serves as Senior Vice President  Electronics and as Senior Vice President Digital Car. After graduating in physics at the  Ruprecht-Karls University in Heidelberg, Christoph obtained his PhD in Physics from the  University of Cambridge, UK. After three years at McKinsey he joined BMW. He was responsible  for diverse subject areas - batteries, fuel cell technology and the cockpit – before managing the  series development of information and communication systems. He was appointed as Senior Vice  President of Research, Advanced Technologies and Innovation in 2014 with offices in Munich,  Mountain View (CA), Tokio and Shanghai. Christoph is a veteran when it comes to building the  seamless digital connection between the car, its driver and its environment. Apart from delivering  BMW’s next generation of automotive electronics, he currently focuses his work on crowd- and  cloud-enabled architectures, next generation multimodal user interfaces and new automotive  core technologies. Christoph is passionate about delivering outstanding digital (in-car)  experiences for the customers by pushing technological boundaries.