Anja Hendel

Managing Director
diconium GmbH


"Anja Hendel is Managing Director at diconium GmbH, the digital business and technology company for digital transformation. Since the beginning of 2020, she has been supporting Daniel Rebhorn, the co-founder of diconium GmbH, as a member of the management team. In 2020, Hendel was named one of the 100 Women of the Year by Focus, and the industry magazine Werben und Verkaufen listed her as one of the Minds of 2021.     With a degree in business informatics, she is an art fan and simply in love with data. As an expert on all aspects of innovations in the field of mobility, Anja Hendel plays a key role in driving forward the development of future-proof innovations for Volkswagen's diconium subsidiary, which has been wholly owned since the beginning of 2020.     Before joining diconium, Anja Hendel led the international team at the Porsche Digital Lab in Berlin for more than two years. Prior to that, she worked at the European pharmaceutical wholesaler Celesio AG and at the IT consulting firm Capgemini."