Adrian Willig

Managing Director
Institut für Wärme und Mobilität e.V.


Adrian Willig is Managing Director of the Institute for Heat and Mobility (IWO). A graduate engineer in aerospace engineering, he is committed to a pragmatic, technology-oriented and affordable design of the energy transition. This is because transformation paths will need a broad mix of technologies and energy sources to reach climate goals.   IWO, an institution of the German mineral oil sector, is an important driver of innovation, especially in the field of technology development. In addition, IWO communicates openly with media, online media and all key stakeholders regarding liquid fuels and new developments.   Adrian has worked for the institute in various positions since 1994. In 2003, he took over the management of marketing and market-partner support. In 2008, he was appointed deputy managing director, going on to become director in 2014.