Mattes: IAA again attracts many visitors on Sunday

  • Visitors included many families with children
  • Outdoor circuit and E-Move track fully booked
  • “Voting with their feet for automobiles”

“The IAA is again attracting a large number of visitors this Sunday. Under a cloudless sky tens of thousands of cheerful visitors, including many families with children, are coming to the IAA. Spirits are high both in the halls and on the open-air site, and the visitors are enjoying their day at the IAA with all its attractions and world premieres,” stressed Bernhard Mattes, President of the German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA).

Visitors once again had a long wait for the outdoor circuit, and the E-Move track was already used for around 3,000 rides on the weekend. The temporary blockade of some entrances to the site did not stop people from visiting the IAA. The visitors were directed along alternative routes so that by late morning many of them had already entered the IAA grounds. Mattes commented, “This Sunday sees people voting with their feet – for automobiles.”