IAA MOBILITY: CO2-neutral balance sheet for Open Space stands

For the first time ever, this year’s IAA MOBILITY is being staged as a comprehensive mobility platform. Under the slogan of “What will move us next”, it represents the digital and climate-neutral mobility of the future. The focus is on the possibilities for exhibiting connected, smart, multimodal mobility.

In addition, IAA MOBILITY is demonstrating how the exhibitor presence in the Open Space zone can be designed with a CO2-neutral balance sheet. The specifications for showing in the Open Space for all exhibitors are based on innovative and sustainable mobility concepts. To calculate and offset emissions, we have secured an experienced partner for effective climate protection in myclimate.

“Today, mobility is still one of the biggest drivers of climate change. We can only alter that if we challenge our fundamental beliefs. Is it really always the best idea to use a vehicle weighing two tons to transport “70 kilograms of person” over a distance of less than five kilometers, irrespective of what is powering the engine? There are so many effective and instantly-adoptable opportunities for more climate-friendly mobility around. As partner, we therefore expressly welcome the fact that the IAA is rethinking the highly-prized societal asset that is mobility, and setting new standards through the Open Space concept and through practical measures like the ‘Blue Lane’,” says Stephen Neff, CEO at myclimate.

Urban development in our cities is one of the key themes at IAA MOBILITY. The Blue Lane demonstrates how future mobility can be designed in the context of sustainable town planning. It enables people with an interest in future and sustainable mobility solutions to experience and learn about them directly on-site.

The Blue Lane is an innovation project which the Munich City Administration is facilitating jointly with IAA MOBILITY for the first time in Munich. The aim is to promote forward-looking and sustainable mobility in the city center, by operating an environmental lane.

The twelve-kilometer test route from Munich city center to the exhibition area is open to all vehicles with a climate-neutral powertrain and all zero-emission vehicles (including plug-in hybrids, if the vehicle covers the Blue Lane in purely electric mode). All solutions that contribute to climate-neutral mobility are welcome – including CNG cars running on biomethane. And it also applies to car-shares with any type of powertrain with at least three people on board.

Further information

myclimate label

With the myclimate label, you can actively pursue climate protection and communicate your commitment to climate-neutrality credibly and transparently. Using the tracking number incorporated in the label, it is possible to visit www.myclimate.org at any time to see which myclimate carbon offset project is offsetting your greenhouse gas emissions. This provides maximum transparency and strengthens trust in your commitment to climate neutrality.

CO2 offsetting

Offsetting CO2 emissions is achieved in high-quality myclimate carbon offset projects meeting the highest standards (Gold Standard, Plan Vivo) and, in addition to reducing greenhouse gases, demonstrably making a positive contribution locally and regionally to sustainable development. myclimate carbon offset projects thus contribute to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDG). While the CO2-neutral balance sheet is mandatory if showing in the Open Space, it is relaxed for the exhibition space, the Summit. That said, in the interests of a climate-friendly overall presence, we recommend that exhibitors plan their presence there with a CO2-neutral balance sheet too.

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