First public day shows the IAA is a real crowd-puller


“With the best possible weather, the first public day proves that the IAA is a real crowd-puller. Around 60,000 visitors came to the most important international mobility platform to experience the world premieres and the fascination of the car through test drives, the off-road circuit, the E-Move track and other experience formats. Since the IAA opened, 175,000 visitors have passed through its gates. On Saturday morning, the test drives in around 70 models were soon booked out for the whole day, and visitors also had a long wait for the off-road circuit,” said Bernhard Mattes, President of the German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA).

There is huge interest in cars and the mobility of the future. Climate protection and individual sustainable mobility are topics that have triggered broad debate throughout society. “We are taking part in this dialog in many different ways. And today’s demonstration and bicycle rally organized by the alliance of environmental associations and NGOs are part of our lively culture of debate,” Mattes stressed.

Therefore, on September 13 the VDA held an open “citizens’ dialog” on the mobility of the future with interested people from Frankfurt and high-ranking representatives of the automotive industry, politics and trade unions. Mattes said, “We will continue this format because the dialog between all stakeholders is a place where intelligent solutions can be worked out for the mobility of the future.”

“This is not about pitting climate protection against sustainable individual mobility. These topics belong together. The solution on the path to zero-emission individual mobility is innovation and technological progress, not vehicle bans,” Mattes explained. During the next three years the German automotive industry will invest 40 billion euros in electric mobility and alternative powertrains. By 2023 it will increase five-fold the number of electric models it has on offer (BEVs and PHEVs) to 150.