Tyre inspection at 30 km/h: UVeye’s Artemis detects faults and safety issues in drive-through process

  • Automatic tyre inspection system Artemis uses AI and two scanners
  • Acquisition of technical and safety-relevant data at up to 30 km/h using a drive-through method
  • First customer is Israeli bus company Kavim
  • Artemis completes UVeye’s AI- and deep learning based system platform for automated external vehicle inspection

FRANKFURT / MAIN, Germany, Sept. 10 – UVeye, a provider of high-end solutions for automatic external inspection of vehicles, is presenting its Artemis automatic tire inspection system to a broad international audience for the first time in Europe at the IAA in Frankfurt.

Artemis is suitable for both commercial vehicle and car fleets to improve the efficiency and accuracy of tire inspection, improve vehicle safety and ensure compliance with legal requirements. The system is being used for the first time by Kavim, an Israeli bus company based in Holon. Kavim operates more than 300 vehicles and carries up to 90 million passengers annually. Other international companies and tyre manufacturers have also expressed interest in the technology. Together with the Helios underbody scanner and the 360-degree Atlas scanner for the top of the car, UVeye enables automatic all-round inspection of vehicles in just a few seconds using a drive-through method. The systems can be used over the entire life cycle of the vehicle and are suitable for use in production, fleet management, car rental, used car dealerships or garages.

Artemis includes two tire scanners that are placed to the right and left of the vehicle as it passes at speeds of up to 30 km/h. In a matter of seconds, the system reads and recognizes the tyre brand, identification and technical specifications, as well as important safety-relevant data such as tyre condition, pressure, abrasion or scratches. In addition, the device is able to compare the pressure of each tire with the manufacturer's specifications and report deviations. The system can even compare all tires on the vehicle to detect irregularities. With this wealth of information and a high-resolution image that makes errors or anomalies clearly visible, fleet operators, for example, can conveniently take necessary steps to repair or replace their vehicle's tires.

Artemis adds another dimension to UVeye's inspection platform. The company's three technologies on the market, consisting of underbody, 360-degree and tire scanners, enable automatic all-round scanning of a moving vehicle using AI and deep learning. The system identifies anomalies, modifications and foreign objects, including scratches, oil leaks and rust, within seconds. The results provide a thorough and accurate analysis of the vehicle's exterior, including its history and parts. With Artemis, UVeye now also offers a comprehensive analysis of the tyres.

Amir Hever, CEO of UVeye said: “With Artemis, we have taken a step further towards standardizing the automatic external inspection of vehicles based on artificial intelligence and deep learning. Our contracts with Toyota Tsusho, Skoda, Volvo and Daimler, as well as ongoing discussions with more than 20 other strategic manufacturers and suppliers, show that the market is very interested in our technology.”


UVeye’s technology was initially developed for, and deployed within, the security industry in order to detect dangerous conditions like weapons, explosives, or other threats. Upon successful deployment in some of the highest-security locations globally, UVeye saw the opportunity to use its technology to solve challenges in the automotive industry to detect potentially hazardous mechanical issues. Today, UVeye’s suite of products includes its original undercarriage application (Helios), its revolutionary 360 solution (Atlas), and its targeted tyre application (Artemis).  With nearly 100 employees, UVeye has already deployed vehicle inspection systems at dozens of locations worldwide. The latest round of funding enables the company to continue enhancing its current product suite and further expand its international footprint as the emerging global standard for automatic vehicle inspection. In 2019, UVeye will open its first German subsidiary.


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