OSR Enterprises AG and Jaguar Land Rover are collaborating to enhance Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), Automated Driving and securely connected technologies for the era of new mobility


OSR Enterprises AG and Jaguar Land Rover are collaborating to enhance Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), Automated Driving and securely connected technologies for the era of new mobility. The collaboration is revealed at the IAA show, where the OSR EVOLVER is integrated in the Jaguar I-PACE.

Tomorrow has already arrived

  • “We are very excited to share with the automotive world a small portion of our collaboration with our OEM customers. The collaboration between OSR and Jaguar Land Rover is enhancing Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, Automated Driving and securely connected technologies through the integration of the Jaguar I-PACE,” says Ms. Orit Shifman, Founder & Group CEO of OSR Enterprises AG. “OSR is referred to by its OEM customers as the Next Generation Tier 1 because of the way we provide integrated solutions for our customers. We are revolutionizing and shortening the traditional processes in the automotive industry by consolidating the architecture of the car, enabling our customers to make the leap into the new automotive era. We do this by providing OEMs with an open, heterogenous, unified, scalable, configurable, uniquely adaptable and cross-functional solution.”
  • “We see today that all of our customers already agree with us in the need to consolidate the architecture of the car. We are working with our customers on an exciting path, integrating the capabilities of our advanced technology into cars of today.”
  • “This collaboration with OSR is truly remarkable and we are very happy to be on this journey together,” says Dr. Gero Kempf, Chief Engineer Jaguar Land Rover & Industrial Professor WMG, Warwick University. “We believe coming state-of-art autonomous user services will benefit from this centralised compute and secure connectivity platform. The very practical and extremely fast hands-on approach backed by OSR’s vast experience puts us in a prime position for fast collaborative learning and building our strategy going forward.”

The EVOLVER 4th generation

The EVOLVER in its 4th generation is the multi-domain AI brain for vehicles with an advanced architecture, high processing power and AI capabilities that provide the technology for ultra-smart, autonomous and securely connected vehicles.

“OSR’s EVOLVER accelerates the mobility evolution and speeds up time to market, enabling OEMs to make the necessary leap from car makers to mobility providers. Leading global OEMs agree with us that this can only be achieved by reconstructing the architecture of the car,” says Shifman. “At OSR we follow a 360° holistic approach by designing and building the full hardware and software system. Our Tech is providing freedom and endless possibilities. This is what makes us unique. With OSR as a partner, OEMs place themselves ahead of the curve to lead the evolution in today’s competitive market.”

“As market leader in the field of centralized computing for the automotive industry and pioneers of the automotive transformation, OSR liberates car makers from their dependency on legacy systems, by removing the limitations of traditional silos of closed, disconnected black boxes. The EVOLVER enables the OEMs potential to provide new business models and services, gives them the freedom to create their own brand experience and strengthens their relationship to their own customers.”

At the previous IAA, OSR presented the EVOLVER Generation 3. Today, OSR Enterprises AG is giving an example of the integration of the 4th generation EVOLVER in a car with one of its customers. “Soon we will be able to show much more, and in the foreseeable future we will demonstrate our technology in production vehicles,” says Shifman.

A part of the collaboration with the British luxury brand Jaguar Land Rover is visible in the integration of the 4th generation EVOLVER in Jaguar’s I-PACE. The following functions provide just a glimpse into the wider scope of advanced capabilities that the collaboration will unfold:

  • Remote driving and vehicle control over 4G & 5G networks as a built-in functionality integrated into the vehicle
  • Open and learning advanced surrounding detection, recognition and prediction as the basis for enhanced safety and automated driving capabilities
  • In-cabin driver and passenger monitoring – extracting human characteristics to enhance safety, comfort, wellbeing and personalization
  • Cyber-secured car network and connectivity – integrated secure validation of communication, including OTA updates

The I-PACE, awarded 2019 World Car of the Year, enhanced with the EVOLVER’s pioneering features, will be displayed at OSR's booth in the New Mobility World in Hall 5.

Advanced surrounding detection, situational adaptive recognition, logical prediction of events and intelligent in-cabin monitoring are essential for improved safety and automated driving capabilities. Plus, an integrated secure validation of communication must safeguard the integrity of the vehicle’s and passenger’s data.

Only the EVOLVER’s consolidated architecture, AI capabilities and the hardware and software combination that has been holistically developed for this purpose can provide maximum cyber security and minimum "attack diameter" for hackers.

The EVOLVER Capsule Experience

OSR will also present a glimpse of “The EVOLVER Capsule Experience”, demonstrating how its integrated platform is enabling futuristic technological functions already today. The EVOLVER Capsule Experience represents OSR's holistic approach: a centralized AI brain in a vehicle recognizes its environment more reliably and safely, while at the same time creating  unprecedented freedom for the driver and other vehicle occupants. The EVOLVER Capsule Experience demonstrates just a portion of how human-centric OSR's tech is, how it knows exactly what passengers want and feel, and how it adapts to their mood or health to increase their well-being while driving. Powered by EVOLVER, driving in a car becomes a relaxing, inspiring or entertaining experience, making use of time that is usually wasted.

“That's how mobility should be, for all of us. To me, the term technology means functionality, hardware and software that provide a certain capability. What we offer is tech, that is an open enabler, providing freedom and endless possibilities while at the same time not compromising on safety and cybersecurity,” says Shifman. “This is what the EVOLVER brings to the automotive industry. In order to fast-forward to tomorrow, the auto world will have to move from integrating technology to using tech. For us, tomorrow has already arrived.” 

Booth B07 at the IAA New Mobility World
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About OSR:

OSR Enterprises AG is a Swiss-based, next-generation automotive Tier 1 supplier with R&D centers in Switzerland and Israel. As a market leader in the field of centralized computing systems, OSR has developed the EVOLVER platform, a scalable, heterogenous, holistic and uniquely adaptable multi-domain AI brain. The EVOLVER is a hardware- and software-centralized supercomputer, that can be adapted in accordance with OEM requirements and specifications, and consolidates the electrical and electronic (E/E) architecture of the car. The EVOLVER is the foundation of the next generation of personalized, intelligent and securely connected vehicles.