EKK Eagle Industry shows GlideX™ technology for electric motors at IAA 2019


GlideX™ enables electric motor manufacturers to utilize high rotational shaft speeds for electric motors and connected or integrated reduction gears, also in combination with active rotor cooling.

Kerkrade, 2 September, 2019 – EKK Eagle Industry, developer and supplier of sealing and controlling solutions for the automotive industry, will be present at the IAA in Frankfurt am Main from 12 to 22 September 2019. Besides its product portfolio for conventional powertrains, the company will also show its latest developments in the field of the mobility of the future, in the form of its GlideX™ technology for electric motors and fuel cells. Visitors are welcome to visit EKK Eagle Industry at stand C05 in hall 9.0.

GlideX™ - electric motor sealing

With the trend of vehicle electrification, the need for high power density, efficiency and optimal packaging in electric motors is growing. High power density has a significant impact on the thermal management of the electric motor with increasing demand for rotor cooling. Rotor cooling systems require reliable and durable dynamic sealing in high speed, exceeding physical limits of conventional sealing products. GlideX™ for electric motor sealing enables electric motor manufacturers to cross current limits and utilize high rotational shaft speeds and active rotor cooling. This without having to be afraid of high friction and leakage.

GlideX™ - reduction gear sealing

For achieving a high efficiency in combination with low weight and costs, higher rotational speeds (rpm) are required. This leads to challenging conditions for the sealing between the electric motor and the connected or integrated reduction gear – exceeding the limits of conventional sealing solutions. GlideX™ for reduction gear sealing enables electric motor and reduction gear manufacturers to utilize the required high rotational shaft speeds, by combining excellent sealing with low friction and long durability.

About GlideX

GlideX™ is a laser textured seal that has been designed to reduce friction in mechanical components by ninety percent. The revolutionary GlideX™ technology makes it possible to control the micro flows between the dynamic sealing faces, which was previously impossible. This way, GlideX™ is able to offer zero fluid leakage at extremely low friction. In many cases this leads to a significant increase of electric drive range and efficiency. The sealing performance enables customers to build robust electric drive units at higher speed, power density and efficiency.

The laser texturing technology is already being used successfully in marine, aerospace and current automotive applications. It herewith will be introduced for e-mobility. In the future, electric  engines are expected to become smaller and more powerful and therefore will require suitable sealing solutions. GlideX™ is the solution for efficient electrified drive trains, because it enables e.g. high rotational speeds and rotor cooling combined with extremely low power losses. Assuring durability and extending the drive range.

Visitors can experience GlideX™ and its efficiency in real life at the IAA 2019, stand C05 in hall 9.0.

About EKK Eagle Industry

EKK Eagle Industry is a leading global provider of sealing and control solutions used in land, sea and air vehicles, with primary applications being water pumps, compressors, blowers and agitators used in the petrochemical, steel, pulp and paper, food, pharmaceutical, energy and other industries. As an accredited, innovative partner of the automotive industry, EKK Eagle Industry is well-known for its focus on quality, development and functional reliability in processes and partnerships. The company is continuously improving and innovating its technology and diversifying its business activities to effectively respond to the evolving, sophisticated needs of its customers. Its parent company, the EKK Group, headquartered in Japan, is comprised of Eagle Industry Co., Ltd., 51 subsidiaries, 54 affiliated companies and other related companies.

In business for more than half a century, EKK Eagle Industry operates an integrated production system that covers the entire manufacturing process, from the development of materials through to production, leveraging EKK Eagle Industry’s superior seal, power transmission, valve and hydraulic technologies, as well as the special processing and weld techniques that support them. The underlying purpose of EKK Eagle Industry products is to prevent liquids, gases and other fluids from leaking out of rotating machines during operation.

For more information visit www.ekkeagle.com.