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Sep 6, 2019

Nijmegen/the Netherlands - At IAA Frankfurt AMPHICRUISER embodies a new vision on mobility facing climate change. The developpers of this hi-tech amphibious vehicle didn’t think about water being an obstacle. Quite the reverse, water will take us to unexplored areas. Produced by a world renowned Netherlands marine engineering company, AMPHICRUISER is a revolution in amphibious technology.

According to AMPHICRUISER there are several uses. The amphibious 4 x 4 is suited to be a fully equipped Emergency Response Vehicle. It has the ability to travel safely and reliably through flooded cities to rescue survivors, deliver aid and medical supplies. Based on the Toyota Land Cruiser it was developed to quickly enter and exits the water without stopping. This makes it as well the ultimate adventure vehicle to travel and explore. As a true heavy duty 4 x 4, the AMPHICRUISER is at home in any environment. From the water rich deltas to deserts. Comfortable in water crossings, it takes the driver to remote and even unexplored areas.

It needs no explanation that the vehicle attracts a lot of attention when entering and sailing through the water. Several worldknown brands already took advantage of this and hired or bought AMPHICRUISER to promote their products and business. An effective way for guerilla marketing, given the spectacular results on social media.

The AMPHICRUISER has been designed and built by highly respected, world class, marine engineers in the Netherlands, certified by TUV and Lloyd`s Register of Shipping. The fundamental idea of the Dutch inventor is to conquer land and water with a vehicle that performs outstanding on all terrains. It takes you to another dimension of off-road driving. With this Land Cruiser based vehicle, you can leave the well-worn path behind and venture onto open water. The amphibious, all-terrain vehicle is a fully-fledged 4 x 4 that also incorporates a water jet to turn it into a stable boat. Taking to the water is an easy matter. At the push of a couple of buttons, the water jet is activated, and the AMPHICRUISER can enter the water from virtually any bank or shore as long as it is not too steep. With a speed of 9 kilometers per hour, the AMPHICRUISER can navigate deep water. It can even go on the sea. The steering and acceleration controls work just the same as on land, making this amphibious vehicle usable by any driver.

AMPHICRUISER will be exhibited at IAA Frankfurt in collaboration with Potomac Classics, a Dutch Amphicar specialist. From September 12 to 22, hall 4.0, stand C38.

Requests for tours and more information, see www.amphicruiser.com