CAREYE SAFETY ANGLE: when an intelligent driver assistance system saves lives...


Artificial Intelligence helps to increase road safety - for all road users! This is the premise of the Austrian high-tech company AVI Systems Ltd.

The CAREYE® SAFETY ANGLE turning assistant detects people, cyclists and objects on the basis of Artificial Intelligence and reliably warns the driver in real time acoustically and optically in case of a possible collision. In particular, the danger of the blind spot is defused.

AVI Systems GmbH not only addresses the aftermarket with the intelligent turning assistant CAREYE® SAFETY ANGLE, but also offers the solutions to vehicle and plant body manufacturers. Thanks to the corresponding standard interfaces the turning assistant can be used for trucks, buses and other commercial vehicles.

Wolfgang Schreder, Head of Innovation Management, explains: "During the development phase - in addition to functional safety - we focused on the fact that the chosen system architecture provides the necessary flexibility to easily meet the design and functional needs of manufacturers.

CAREYE® SAFETY ANGLE offers additional assistants: The City Collision Assistant warns of possible collisions in urban areas. The Lane Change Assistant monitors the areas to the side of the vehicle. The Speed Assistant signals that the maximum permitted speed has been exceeded. The Reversing Assistant reliably warns against obstacles when reversing. In addition, the Cargo Monitoring System secures the cargo when the vehicles are parked.

"Due to the AVI Systems specific camera-based sensor technology achieved angular field, it was obvious to also use this for additional assistance systems and thus provide our customers with real added value," explains Jörg Kammerhofer, Head of Sales and Marketing, with conviction.

The INTELLIGENT OUTSIDE MIRROR, a variant aimed at OEMs, replaces the vehicle's optical mirrors and represents a significant additional benefit in daily traffic due to dynamic changes in the viewing areas.

The hardware and software of the CAREYE® SAFETY ANGLE product suite are developed in-house by AVI Systems GmbH and combine high-tech camera monitor systems with corresponding Artificial Intelligence algorithms. This means perfect convergence for highly complex solutions such as the CAREYE® SAFETY ANGLE and another successfully implemented AVI Systems application in the automotive sector: CAREYE® SMART CAMERA SYSTEM.

The International Motor Show (IAA) is one of the largest and most important international automotive trade fairs in the world, and therefore the ideal platform for the presentation of AVI Systems' intelligent automotive solutions.

CAREYE® SAFETY ANGLE & CAREYE® SMART CAMERA SYSTEM can be experienced from September 10-15, 2019 at the IAA 2019 New Mobility World in hall 5/ booth A42.