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IAA Daily

Sep 17, 2019

At the internationally leading mobility plattform, visitors were able to be inspired by many innovations on Tuesday.

Topics of the Day

Offroad Parcours - A real crowd puller at the IAA 2019 is the Offroad Parcours - today, too: On the 4,000 square meter track, visitors could experience three routes on a total of 180 meters and be convinced of the offroad qualities of the SUVs and all-terrain vehicles. In the coming days, the Offroad Parcours will still be open for visitors - come and experience it!

Do not forget: After Work Day - Want to see and experience the newest innovations at the IAA 2019 after work? The IAA 2019 makes it possible! On Friday, 20 September 2019, the first After Work Day at the IAA is taking place. On this day, the IAA is opened from 11.00am to 09.00pm.

Impression am 14.September

Suggestion of the Day

“Customs and Excise Taxes in the Car Sector” - On Tuesday, too, there will be an exciting trade event. Under the headline “Customs and Excise Taxes in the Car Sector,” experts will discuss the transformation of the automotive sector with regards to customs and export control. The expert discussion will revolve around new technologies along the supply chain as well as Artificial Intelligence, digitization, and automated driving.


Tomorrow at the IAA 2019

Tomorrow many high-level guests from the world of politics will visit the IAA 2019.

Andreas Scheuer, Federal Minister for Traffic and Digital Infrastructure, will be at the IAA 2019. From the Bundestag, there will be Daniela Wagner MdB, Matthias Gastel MdB, Oliver Krischer MdB, and Stephan Kühn MdB, from Alliance 90/The Greens, and Matthias Stein MdB, SPD.

From the European Parliament, Jens Gieseke MdEP, CDU, will visit the IAA 2019. From the Bavarian Landtag, Sebastian Körber MdL, FDP, will be at the IAA 2019.