IAA Daily

Sep 12, 2019

The first trade visitor day starts with a speech by Bernhard Mattes, President of the German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA), followed by Volker Bouffier, Prime Minister of Hessen, Waymo CEO John Krafcik and German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

[Translate to English:] Bundeskanzlerin Dr. Angela Merkel bei der Eröffnungsfeier der IAA 2019

Topic of the Day

Today, the IAA 2019 was officially opened by German Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel, the Prime Minister of Hessen, Volker Bouffier, Waymo CEO John Krafcik and VDA President Bernhard Mattes.

In his speech, the VDA President underliend that already far beforehand, the IAA 2019 has launched an intensive debate.

Visitors are able to experience an the IAA that is unlike any IAA before: dialogic, diverse, experience-oriented, and going far beyond the spheres of the automobile.

The full text is available here.

Suggestion of the day

The IAA 2019 has opened its gates for trade visitors today. Unlike any other mobility platform, visitors can see the entire spectrum of mobility at the IAA 2019 - among others at the booths of tech-companies like Microsoft, Google, Vodafone, and many mobility services.

Visitors can experience mobility directly at IAA Experience. There, the Test Drive with more than 70 vehicles, the Offroad Parcours with already more than 1.000 driving experiences on the press days, and the fully booked E-Move-Track are available.

Discussions concerning chances of and challenges for the mobility of the future are the focus of the IAA Conference. On Friday, too, visitors can get their inspiration from exciting talks, keynotes and panel discussions.