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IAA MOBILITY 2021 focuses on Sustainability

The IAA MOBILITY is a beacon illuminating paths to climate-neutral mobility on four and two wheels, from well-known brands and startups. The Sustainability Lounge will be the central venue for discussing the path to a sustainable future.

Climate-neutral by 2050: the sector discusses solutions

Europe is to become the first climate-neutral continent by 2050. This target is enshrined in the “European Green Deal,” but how can it be achieved? The automotive industry’s planned phase-out of combustion engines clearly signals its support for the Paris climate goals.

The IAA MOBILITY, taking place in Munich with a new concept, is another important component on the path to the sector’s sustainable future. The motor show has evolved into a mobility platform where ALL the major players in mobility present, test and discuss innovative solutions.

The most important offers at the IAA MOBILITY surrounding sustainability:

Curator of the Sustainability Lounge presented by PwC: Hans-Peter Kleebinder

Sustainability Lounge presented by PwC

Speakers known the world over and renowned firms with the most varied specialties, such as LinkedIn, Drees & Sommer, Xpeng, the network “Frauen verbinden”, the federally owned Autobahn GmbH and the French startup Tallano, will discuss innovative, sustainable, forward-looking mobility. Thought leaders from the World Economic Forum and the Club of Rome are also expected to present their ideas. The program will be hosted by the international mobility expert Hans-Peter Kleebinder.

At the IAA MOBILITY Conference CEOs, visionaries and inspiring personalities present their ideas on CO2-neutral mobility.


The IAA MOBILITY Conference (held in English) will welcome CEOs, visionaries and inspiring personalities from society, academia, politics and the international tech scene to discuss future-related topics on four conference stages. Here, too, the focus will be on sustainability. For example, participants will consider the path to CO2-neutral mobility, various sharing models, how to reduce emissions in the automotive industry’s supply chains, and what the concept of “circular cars” means.

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The Open Space takes place at the inner city and on well-known spots like Odeonsplatz

Open Space, Blue Lane and Extended Open Space – try out sustainable mobility

The Open Space  in Munich’s city center will host well-known brands from the automotive and bike sectors presenting their latest innovations on the city’s most famous squares. And the great thing is that all visitors – professionals and the public alike – can try out the e-cars, e-bikes and pedelecs for themselves! Visitors looking for four-wheeled vehicles will have a choice of over 230 e-vehicles for test drives on the Blue Lane.


The 12 km-long test track stretches all the way from Munich’s inner city to the show grounds, available for exclusive use by climate-friendly vehicles. The unique concept for this environmental lane also includes a Blue Lane for bikes, special fast connections on Munich’s subway, and exclusive micromobility routes between Amiraplatz and Königsplatz.

Another highlight is the Blue Lane Future on open-air sites and the Open Space Extended on the exhibition grounds, offering self-driving shuttles and urban air taxis. Here visitors can experience sustainable future mobility!

E-Bikes during the endurance test at IAA MOBILITY

Bikes, exhibitors and startups

The comprehensive central theme of sustainability is of course also the focus for the exhibitors on the show grounds and the Open Space in the city center. For the first time ever, over 50 top brands from the bike sector will be present at the IAA MOBILITY. The two-wheeler industry wishes to join with traditional auto brands to discuss what the future of connected mobility might be like.

Numerous aspiring startups will also be demonstrating innovative mobility concepts. A broad spectrum of young companies will be represented, ranging from solutions for the auto mobility of the future to online platforms for consumer advice, and all the way to innovative cargo bikes for the last mile. The Startup Lounge (complete with stage) invites trade visitors and ex-hibitors to join in discussions of sustainability.

The Founders’ Day on Thursday (September 9) and the Startup Challenge, in which young companies work on solutions to future-related problems for large firms, will also be devoted to the topic of sustainability.

IAA MOBILITY is transforming itself from a pure car show to an international mobility platform with four pillars: The Summit, the Conference, the “Blue Lane” and the downtown Munich Open Space. Under the slogan of “What will move us next”, it stands for the digital and climate-neutral mobility of the future. From 7 to 12 September 2021, the car, bike and tech industries come together at IAA MOBILITY in Munich. The ticket sale has started and you can buy your IAA MOBILITY ticket here.