Sporty, for sure…

You can still find them in 2021: sports cars with a roaring combustion engine, that bring many car enthusiasts out in goosebumps. Brands such as Maserati, Mercedes-AMG, Ferrari, Honda and Porsche are still manufacturing real monsters of horsepower – and more new models are coming onto the market.

The wide roads, out there somewhere – anywhere – unbridled horsepower under the hood, and then that sound and that dynamism! Giving fans of high-horsepower cars sufficient reasons to dream such dreams once more in 2021, sports car manufacturers are really taking things to the next level.

  • Porsche, for example, is now also bringing out the new 911 as a GT3 with a naturally aspirated engine and 510 horsepower, and as a brutal GT3 RS with around 550 hp. The Boxster is getting a special limited edition to mark 25 years of the series, with just 1,250 cars being produced in this 400-hp version. And the Cayman, the hard-top version of the Boxster, is incarnated as a driving machine, as the GT4 RS offering around 500 hp.
  • There are innovations from Italy too: The Ferrari Portofino M (the M stands for “modificata”, meaning modified) boasts 620 hp and is the facelift for the Portofino. The VS special edition of the 812 Superfast is set to be an even more crushing beast. With a V12 front engine, it completes the model series with an additional 30 horsepower of performance (so 830 hp in total). And the sports professionals from Maranello are taking an entirely different approach with the SF90 Spider: it is the brand’s first plug-in hybrid. A 780-hp combustion engine, with a four-liter V8 turbo, supplemented with extra power from three electric motors, for a combined total of 1000 hp. Does that mean wildly-blown hair if you drive with the roof down? Thanks to excellent aerodynamics, most likely not.
  • After a long break, Maserati is again bringing out an all-new model: the MC20 comes with a 630 hp V6 engine and Formula 1 engineering. The Gran Coupé is also set to have a successor model by the end of the year.
  • Honda, too, is mixing it again amongst the racing machines. Rumors are circulating that suggest the NSX is about to be released by the year-end as an R-type with a more powerful 3.5-liter biturbo engine, delivering up to 641 hp.

Do you want some more? Hypercars

The group classed as hypercars is small and exclusive. These absolute pinnacles of car construction are strong, sporty, fast – and extremely expensive. It’s not just that the car manufacturers are able to use them to prove the achievements their engineers are truly capable of – these cars are rare status symbols for the super-rich.

  • In the middle of the year, Aston Martin is launching the Valkyrie. Only 175 of this monster, with a 6.5-liter, V12 engine delivering around 1013 hp, are being built – with each one selling for just under three million euros.
  • The car sees Aston Martin hunting down the Mercedes-AMG One, which can similarly offer over 1000 hp and is similarly strictly limited: A production run of 275, each costing at least 2.75 million euros.
  • Lotus is working on a hypercar with around 2000 hp - the Evija. And it is fully electric! From 2028, this British subsidiary of the Chinese company Geely is looking to sell only e-cars.
  • Toyota is also working on a hypercar, under its sports brand Gazoo Racing (GR), which is set to be licensed for road use in a small edition. It is likely to deliver around 1000 hp, from a hybrid engine. As yet, however, it is unclear whether the GR Super Sport will actually make it onto our roads in 2021.
The Evija is set to become the first all-electric British supercar - with a top speed of over 320 km/h. © Lotus

Sport in every class

Things don’t always have to be as exotic as these cars, however. Nowadays, it has become fairly standard for car manufacturers to bring out an extra-punchy version of their regular cars.

  • BMW, for instance, is revising its mid-class M3 and M4 sports cars, fitting them with a new front end. Power? Up to 510 hp. The 5-Series is similarly being supplemented with a new M option: Thanks to its V8 biturbo engine, the M5 CS can deliver an impressive 635 hp. Alpina has got to grips with the 8-Series Gran Coupé and produced the 621-hp B8.
After the compact i30, the Kona compact SUV is also getting a sporty N variant. With 280 hp, it has plenty of power. © Hyundai
  • Also well-known for their performance are the AMG versions of current Mercedes models. The new C-Class is back again, as the C 63 and with at least 500 hp, while the new S-Class is available as the S 63, with over 600 hp. Similarly in the pipeline is the new SL, also developed under AMG and set to be a power roadster with up to 800 hp.
  • Seat’s sports brand Cupra has already demonstrated with the Formentor SUV crossover that it is more than simply a sports offshoot. The Formentor VZ5, limited to a production run of 700, is powered by a muscular five-cylinder Audi engine that delivers an impressive 390 hp. Priced at around EUR 60,000, it notably ranks as one of the affordable options in sports cars – and in this category, too, there are plenty of new releases for 2021:
  • The Audi RS3, for instance, which will probably only have slightly more power than the Cupra, but will attract buyers in a similar price category.
  • Cheaper options include the Hyundai i20 N (204 hp, around EUR 25,000), the Ford Kuga ST (estimated at 300 hp), the Hyundai Kona N (280 hp) and the Toyota GR Yaris (261 hp).
  • And in the fall, the enjoyable Toyota GT86 is set to be transformed into the sports coupé GR86 – with a sleeker design and up to 235 hp from a new 2.4-liter engine, replacing the previous two-liter engine.

(Stage photo: © Porsche)

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