Bike highlights and premieres at IAA MOBILITY

Sep 8, 2021

There are many new products and innovations on two wheels (and sometimes on more) to amaze you in the Bike area at the Summit and in the Open Space. You can find a large selection of them here.

From September 7 to 12, IAA MOBILITY in Munich is showing solutions for the mobility of the future. And bikes are playing an ever more important part in that. Consumers are sharing in this enthusiasm, and according to figures from the key sectoral association, the Zweirad-Industrie-Verband, they bought an estimated 2.75 million bikes Germany-wide in the first six months of 2021.

In Halls B5 and B6, various brands are exhibiting. This is supplemented by the Open Space Extended, with a large test area featuring banked corners, obstacles and various floor surfaces. Here are the highlights from the individual exhibitors:


Using ABUS SmartX technology, the smartphone becomes a replacement key. As such, ABUS is similarly shifting the security requirements for physical products to digital technologies.  It is built on a dedicated, Bluetooth-based communications technology, which “digitalizes” the key securely. The SmartX technology is already used in a number of ABUS products, and, as a readily-integrated software product, it can also be used with solutions from other manufacturers. 



The unisex models from this direct selling company are barely recognizable as pedelecs at first: The battery is hidden in the lower tube. Its Stellar and Stout (17.1 kg) city commuter bikes are designed for comfort and adaptability in all road situations. Thanks to their carrier racks, they can be transformed in an instant from a city runaround to a pack-horse, capable of mastering the commute to the office as reliably as the weekly shopping run. Both models come equipped with 9 gears, hydraulic disc brakes and puncture-resistant tires, and are compliant with the German Road Traffic Act (Strassenverkehrsordnung, StVO).

© Ampler


The subject of SUVs has now reached bikes too: The Bergamont E-Horizon Premium SUV combines suitability for daily use with scope for riding off-road.  Puncture-resistant tires, a 4-piston disc brake and the new Bosch smart system with Performance Line drive unit and a 750 Wh battery allow the bike to travel along effortlessly.

© Bergamont


The most recent enhancements to its smart system pedelec drivetrains are the focus of the trade fair presence.  These include a new connectivity technology together with a smartphone app, a new display and operating solution and a powerful 750 watt in-tube battery. 



The Bulls Sonic Evo EN SL Daytona is limited to a production run of just 50, and comes impressively equipped. It weighs just over 20 kilos, but packs an 85 Nm motor and a 750 Wh battery – that’s a lot of performance for a little weight. The trick lies in its many carbon-fiber parts, such as the battery cover. 

© Bulls


The on-road/off-road Tesoro Neo X e-bike is a fully-equipped trekking machine, appealing to an urban target group – and thanks to its 750 Wh battery, it also delivers plenty of power too.

© Cannondale


Four wheels, like a car, but technically a pedelec - only with a cabin: The Future Mobility Concept is looking to shake up the transport of the future. It offers protection against wind and weather, space for a driver plus child or luggage, and thanks to its safety concept it also protects against every adverse eventuality. According to Canyon, the question is not WHETHER it goes into series production, but WHEN – which requires the statutory provisions for vehicle registration.

© Canyon


The Chike e-Cargo is the most compact 3-wheeled cargo bike on the market. It is extremely well suited to commercial use and when a lot is to be transported. Due to the tilting technology and suspension of the front wheels, the bike always rides tilt-resistant and can also score on uneven terrain, cobblestones or in fast curves with a safe driving behavior - even with a high load. This cargo bike is particularly suitable for urban traffic and shorter distances.



The Heidelberg-based company produces slim e-bikes. Its new launches include the Merano TPZ with its trapezoid frame. An exciting development is the Coboc Circular Concept. With a view to a circular economy, Coboc is exploring how e-bikes, too, can become more sustainable. One of the results: The Coboc Power Unit, a mobile energy storage unit that recycles ‘spent’ e-bike batteries. Generally, these batteries still have over 70 percent of their original capacity. With 530 Wh from the Power Unit, a notebook can be operated continuously for just over nine days, for example.

© Coboc


Comfort, safe riding, and a powerful motor: The Cairon SUV FS 627 offers a combination of all three. The low step-through frame, rear suspension and wide tires make even extended rides easy.

© Conway


eflow, the young Fürth-based e-bike brand, has exhibits including the UM-2 Classic. Here, classic meets modern, design meets engineering, and traditional meets new mobility. The 60s look enters the present-day! Designed by Norbert Haller in Berlin, manufactured by producers at eflow and supplemented with high-quality components. The bike features a ContiTech motor, 250 watts of power output, and a 604 Wh battery.

© eflow


The world leader in backpacks with back protector, introduces the world's first bike backpack with integrated airbag: The COMMUTE A.I.R. PRO 18 backpack combines the protection of the innovative integrated airbag technology with the integrated LITESHIELD-PLUS back protector. Thus, in the event of a fall, not only the spine but also the neck, shoulder, collarbone and chest areas are protected in the best possible way. It will be available from spring 2022.

© Evoc


The Uproc X combines muscle-power and a 750 Wh battery. With a carbon frame, 150 mm travel, and the latest Panasonic motor, everything is tuned to performance – peaks and inclines are no problem at all. And the smaller rear wheel provides the necessary adaptability.

© Flyer


The E-RIOT with carbon frame is a power trail machine for long-lasting riding fun - uphill and downhill. Plenty of power and torque are delivered by a Bosch CX motor of the 4th generation plus fully integrated battery with 625 Wh. On the chassis side, all new features are used: TractionLink for maximum grip, short braking distances and a sensitive response of the damping, SuperFit geometry for the perfect fit and effective, comfortable biking as well as the integrated seatpost with the greatest possible height adjustment.

© Ghost


The AllMtn Special Edition made of full carbon offers a high ePerformance: The sporty Yamaha PW-X2 motor provides a natural driving feel and offers more range with the 600Wh battery. Noble components such as the SRAM XX1 Eagle circuit, 160mm Öhlins suspension elements and Shimano XTR M9120 4-piston disc brakes make the heart of performance-oriented bikers beat faster.

© Haibike


With full suspension and equipped with e-power - the Nos FS 2.2 is ready to go in the all-mountain sector. Thanks to the Shimano EP8 motor with torque of up to 85 Nm, ascents are mastered in sporting style.  The energy required is supplied by the large 630 Wh battery, making demanding tours with plenty of climbs possible.

© Hercules


The E-Pilen Concept is an electrically-powered bike concept for urban traffic. The electric motor on the E-Pilen delivers 8 kW. The concept bike is set to be followed by a series model in 2022.

© Husqvarna


Small – but packing a punch! Although the wheels on the i:SY are just 20 inches, taller individuals will find themselves equally well-seated on this bike. The S8 models are equipped with an 8-speed Nexus hub gear from Shimano. Together with the Bosch Active Line Plus motor, the S8 is equipped for daily use. This model ships exclusively with a chain drive.

© i:SY


The Quadriga Cargoline 11G is a real pro for load-carrying: With 180 kg permitted total weight and an extra-long carrier rack for plenty of space when loading up – whether with shopping or up to two children. The Bosch drive unit delivers 85 Nm torque and assists when accelerating. The front suspension fork and the sprung, adjustable saddle ensure optimal comfort.

© Kettler


The EBOXX Ultra closes the gap between e-bike and e-motorbike. With a total weight of between 55 and 66 kilos, the engine delivers 10 kW of power and 275 Nm of torque. In its road-licensed version, the bike is throttled back to 4 kW and is able to be driven in road traffic, up to a top speed of 45 km/h. In future, various powertrain options are set to become available; both with and without pedal assist. A notable feature of the bike is that its parts were specially-developed.

© Nicolai


As an SUV, the SAVINO EVO 12 CX combines the ride qualities of a mountain bike with the comforts of a trekking bike. The notably wide 62 mm Supero Allground tires with maximum puncture protection and the particularly high-performance mountain bike air-suspension fork provide a combination of safety and rider comfort. The luggage carrier with its iRack II system, saddlebag attachment, spring clip and MonkeyLoad-readiness offers plenty of options.

© Pegasus


Functional, compact, electric: The QiO bikes have a one-size frame and can be adjusted for body heights from 1.65 m to 1.90 m. With a Bosch Performance Line motor and a belt drive, the ‘Eins P-R’ is a top model, capable of being supplemented with many accessories such as matched panniers and child seats.

© Qio


Amongst other things, the Atlas Vario features an innovative battery placement: For the first time, it is moved from the lower tube to the upper tube. This means QWIC is also presenting the first e-bike segment with a unisex frame. The 90 Nm, centrally-mounted motor makes rides through hilly and even mountain terrains possible. The bike is also available with a belt drive and infinite gears.



Weighing from 19.4 kg, the AirRay is a true lightweight bike. It allows for agile handling. The Air Drive powered by Yamaha, specially developed for it, weighs 2.9 kg and delivers 50 Nm of rider assist. 

© Raymon

Riese und Müller

According to the manufacturer, the Multicharger 750 is the “Swiss army knife of e-bikes”. It can carry up to 65 kg at the back. Its extended rear carrier can accommodate two children, for instance. Additional space is offered by the front carrier, which comes as standard. Thanks to optional features, the bike is ideally-equipped for adventure.

© Riese und Müller

ROSE Bikes

The most popular ROSE bike - now electrified! The modern frame design integrates battery, motor and cables. Thanks to its up to 50 mm tire clearance, the BACKROAD+ is easy to maneuver, weighing in from just 14 kg. The Shimano EP8 supports rider performance as needed, and always at the right moment.

© ROSE Bikes


The calderas_one_classic is the universal and sporty bike. With 120 liters of transport volume, it has the format to pass all the requirements of everyday life. Optionally with lockable and stowable lid, child seat and always with separate small parts storage. The sporty seating position of the basic version can be increased by 99 mm with a stem extension. The BroseDriveT drive system greatly extends the wheel's range of motion.



The Patron eRIDE is an all-rounder. It comes equipped with the biggest integrated battery and the latest technology. In addition, it offers over 160 mm of travel front and rear. One of the biggest achievements on this bike is integrating the biggest battery on the market, without impacting the tube proportions. The Bosch motor delivers 85 Nm and up to 340% assistance.

© Scott


Segway-Ninebot has designed three new eScooters for the German and Austrian market. In doing so, Segway-Ninebot has opted for various equipment levels with different pricing, on a largely consistent build model. The entry level is the Segway E110S, with a range of up to 75 kilometers. The S110SE offers a range of up to 97 kilometers. Both scooters deliver 1.5 Kw of power. The E125S comes with a second battery, extending the range to up to 140 kilometers. The vehicle packs 3 Kw, and is equipped with an ABS braking system.

© Segway


The Pride II is a road bike with optimum aerodynamics. The most notable features of the Pride II are the flat head tube and the raised bottom bracket area. All cables and wires are run entirely internally, and there is a rigid steering head section with an ultra-short head tube. In wind tunnel tests, it broke all records.


A super-light E-MTB with 150 mm travel, which doubles the pedal-power and yet still feels like an agile trail bike: The Levo SL is one of the lightest E-MTBs in its class, with a slim, stable chassis, a light motor and an innovative battery system.

© Specialized


The XPLR (pronounced: Explore) Collection of SRAM, RockShox and Zipp revolves around the topic of Gravel. With three product groups from three brands, there are new technical options for road cyclists, mountain bikers and gravel bike riders. These include drivetrains, rear derailleurs, cassettes, cranksets, but also forks, suspensions and wheelsets.



The ST3 is a dynamic S-pedelec for daily use, with a customizable seat position and smart extras. These include a powerful rear-wheel motor, up to 150 km range and connectivity via smartphone.

© Stromer


The foldable bikes from Tern are great on all routes. The abbreviation for the GSD series stands for “Get your stuff done” – at just 180 cm long, with an electric drive and plenty of load space, transporting family or shopping around by e-bike has real potential. The GSD S10 has space for up to three euroboxes on its loading area, while the Bosch Cargo Line motor ensures smooth progress.

© Tern


The Vello Bike+ foldable e-bike is not only ultra-compact and light, weighing just 13.9 kg, but it also charges itself: When traveling downhill, when braking, or in following winds, the motor becomes a generator. It produces electricity which is fed back into the battery. Even when coasting, the bike can produce electricity if the rider pedals backwards.

© Vello


The Vässla Bike plugs the gap between the e-bike, the scooter and the e-moped. It has a range of up to 40 kilometers, with a twistgrip throttle and 25 km/h top speed.


IAA MOBILITY is transforming itself from a pure car show to an international mobility platform with four pillars: The Summit, the Conference, the “Blue Lane” and the downtown Munich Open Space. Under the slogan of “What will move us next”, it stands for the digital and climate-neutral mobility of the future. From 7 to 12 September 2021, the car, bike and tech industries come together at IAA MOBILITY in Munich. Ticket sales have started.