Trade fairs on the move - the IAA Mobility as an example of the transformation of the industry

For a long time, trade fairs had the sovereignty of information and were characterized by ever-increasing records. That situation has changed. The IAA is being rethought as a mobility platform.

Trade fairs differ significantly depending on the industry, positioning, location, cultural context and external influences. Prof. Thomas Hundt, managing director and founder of the agency jangled nerves, explains: "Trade fairs have always been transformed. They reflect the current market, which is developing and the trade fair with it".

In the ADC Insight "Messen im Aufbruch" the professor for media and space presented examples for the changes of trade fairs. Christine von Breitenbuch, Head of IAA Mobility (Messe München), and Jan Heckmann, Head of IAA (VDA), were his discussion partners.

The IAA in the middle of a double transformation

For a long time, trade fairs in general had a sovereignty over information. News and information did not spread as quickly without or only with little use of the Internet. Industry representatives did not have easy access to international products and innovations. Trade fairs - including the IAA - were characterized by ever-growing exhibitor records, waiting lists and self-evident successes with only a few sales channels. The situation has changed massively over the past few years. The trade fair world has transformed. Even the IAA. " trade fairs have always changed and reflect their environment and surroundings. In the case of the IAA, a double transformation is needed," says Christine von Breitenbuch, IAA Mobility Project Manager at Messe München.

Modern mobility platform: through visitor interaction and emotionalization

On the one hand, the view of decision-makers in the automotive industry on customer needs must be revolutionized. On the other hand, society's view of the automotive industry must change. As a 360-degree experience, the IAA will meet this need. Mobility will be experienced with all the senses: seeing, feeling, experiencing and hearing about mobility. Nowadays, trade fairs are no longer about simply selling a product, but about offering innovative and constructive solutions. It is about emotionalizing the event, creating experiences and using synergies in the industry. The involvement and participation of visitors is a must-have for the IAA as a modern mobility platform.

Symbiosis of mega trends: mobility, urbanization and globalization

Megatrends, which have a major impact on the transformation of our society, are closely linked. This applies across all industries, from business, politics, science and culture to technology. The megatrend mobility also goes far beyond the discussion of individual means of transport and drives. Mobility is inextricably linked to urbanization, globalization, digitization, and connectivity and sustainability. In other words, the range of topics covered at the IAA Mobility will be expanded and thought out more broadly.

Jan Heckmann, Director of the IAA Mobility in the VDA: "The issue of sustainability is of particular concern to society and to us as organizers of the IAA Mobility. The aim here is to create solutions and bring the right partners together. Only in this way can decision-makers and experts respond to acute challenges. A platform such as the IAA Mobility must fulfill these tasks.

IAA Mobility as a platform for holistic mobility

To meet the demands of networking and matchmaking at the top level, the IAA is open to all players in the mobility chain. These include OEMs, suppliers, tech companies, the bike industry and local public transport. The IAA offers a platform for all forms of mobility. Because mobility needs are diverse - the car is one facet. Mobility fans who want to help shape the future are invited to take part in a dialogue and experience the mobility of the future in the middle of Munich.