The WCF at the IAA MOBILITY: two trade fairs, one goal.

In the past, there were bicycles. Today, with the e-bike, they have become a high-tech system. And a cornerstone of what we call "multimodal mobility". Depending on how it suits us at the time, we will use different means of transport in the emission-free future: Public transport and e-bike, car and e-scooter, and all this not always as owners, but in sharing systems. The bike, especially with electric drive, is no longer a stepchild of mobility, but an equal part. And a new status symbol of a modern society.


In the past, there were bicycles. Today, with the e-bike, they have become a hig

No wonder the bicycle industry is booming and becoming an important economic factor. E-bikes - zero emissions. Sales in Europe 2020: 10.6 billion euros. The bicycle is not only good for the environment. It's good for sales, profits and growth. The bicycle has arrived in the future and is currently being completely repositioned.

Reasons enough to give this growth industry its own space at the IAA MOBILTY, the world's largest trade show for forward-looking mobility. Therefore, the WCF-WORLD CYCLING FORUM, the most important industry meeting, will take place from September 6-7 as part of the IAA, but independently in the exhibition halls in Riem.

CEOs, CODs and MDs of the most important vendors and suppliers will meet decision makers (not least of the important retail chains) and investors and discuss opportunities, challenges and possibly necessary adjustments of the industry to the boom. 

The wheel is being reinvented, be a part of it and register now for WCF. 

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